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5/22/15 Stanley Cup Playoff Probabilities

With the results from yesterday, the most likely events now are Tampa Bay winning in 6 games, and Anaheim winning in 5.  Here are the likelihoods of each given series result happening: 44 more words

5/21/15 Stanley Cup Playoff Probabilities

The results of yesterday’s thrilling game in Tampa means that Tampa Bay takes over for the lead.  They’ve closed the gap between them and New York in the ELO ratings quite a bit (1569 vs. 26 more words

5/20/15 Stanley Cup Playoff Probabilities

I didn’t stay up to watch the entire game last night, but it reminded me that I should mention that the ELO model I’ve been using for the playoffs so far is a bit different than the regular season model when it comes to dealing with overtime.   109 more words


It has been a day of dark forebodings, and ill-omens.  Sunshine.  Hail.  And thunder.

Snakes in the garden.  Disturbing texts from beautiful strangers.  A bearded man and a Prince… 732 more words

Modern Life Is Rubbish

Truth and Beauty.

I have in recent months made many, sweeping changes to my lifestyle. In September after procrastinating about it for some time I finally rejoined a gym, found myself a Personal Trainer and got stuck in. 224 more words

5/19/15 Stanley Cup Playoff Probabilities

Tampa Bay’s big win last night has closed the gap immensely on New York, though New York still has the highest chances of winning it all. 26 more words