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The start of the Presidential election season

First, I guess it really isn’t a season in the meteorological sense if it ever was but more like a year.

I’m not sure which of the Republican candidates I would want the Democratic nominee to run against since I find most of them pretty scary in the horror movie sense.   537 more words


From Elizabeth Warren "The Unfinished Business of Financial Reform"

US senator Elizabeth Warren gave a speech at the Levy Economic Institute last week on the “Unfinished Business of Financial Reform”. Martin Sandbu… 373 more words


Step Aside Hillary, Bernie's Coming Through...

by Jerry Alatalo

enator Bernie Sanders and Thom Hartmann have teamed up for the weekly Q+A call-in program “Brunch With Bernie” for several years now. Bernie says he’s getting close to announcing that he will campaign for President of the United States. 1,176 more words

Earth Matters

Introductory Transatlantic Observations

As a British student, I do not claim to know as much about American politics as British politics, but I am a keen observer from across the pond and as the 2016 election bizarrely begins to take shape already 18 months before it occurs (trust me that’s perplexing to us Brits, we get about 6 weeks, but don’t be too jealous of us America) I thought I’d share my feelings about the current field. 510 more words


Sens. Warren, Brown Counter Obama On Trade

WASHINGTON (AP) — Two of the Democratic Party’s most vocal opponents of strengthening President Barack Obama’s hand in trade deals are taking issue with his recent criticism and are calling on him to make public the draft text of a still incomplete deal with 11 other Pacific rim nations. 324 more words


US Senator's Elizabeth Warren and Sherrod Brown Challenge Wall Street President Barack Obama to Open Up the Full Text of the Trans Pacific Partnership for Public Perusal and Debate Before Congress Votes on Fast Track Authority

Stunningly, on Friday, President Obama falsely accused Democratic opponents of the Trans Pacific Partnership of being “dishonest” and spreading “misinformation” about the largest international income and political power redistribution scam in the history of humankind, which is called the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). 672 more words

#166: A Couple of Clerihews

Senator Elizabeth Warren–
she won’t allow any snorin’
but neither will she give us our fun;
she refuses over and over to run.

Friedrich Nietzsche… 43 more words