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Tolerance: The Left's Golden Calf

The Idol at which the Left abases itself is Tolerance. The rights of minorities MUST be observed, at any cost, by their measure is constantly raised in solemn chants during parades of protests, in meetings where opposition to others must be heard and of course in the indoctrinational classrooms of the so called institutes of higher learning. 109 more words


Hideous acts -- ISIS, Fallujah, Iraq, George W., (and Ukraine, Syria, Libya) -- and U.S. candidates who support them

By William Blum
Posted on Global Research, May 24, 2015

She was a redheaded rebel, the singer in the family, a trash-talking, tattooed 21-year-old wrapped up in a hip-hop dream of becoming Holland’s Eminem. 2,430 more words

Bad Guys and Good Guys and the Inevitable

They don’t make locomotives in London anymore – at least not in the London in Ontario, about halfway between Detroit and Toronto – but General Motors was doing just that in the last two years of the last century. 3,952 more words

Elizabeth Warren

On having "skin in the game" this Memorial Day

The Florida Squeeze has been hosting some interesting discussions lately,
particularly regarding the role of activists and blogs like this one. With regard to the discomfiting loss in Jacksonville one notion repeated a few times was the idea that bloggers and activists need to be still. 626 more words

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