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Elixir Project #1 - Sensing That Familiar Warmth

I awoke this morning from the most beautiful dream.

It’s day fiveĀ and I’m feeling exhausted. This is tough. I am trying to break my bad habits. 143 more words


“Alesse” digital (PS) 2009

I really like looking though some of my older stuff and comparing to my stuff now. The story here is that she is royalty and is unsure how to best use her powerful elixir. 14 more words

Magic Mama Hot Cocoa

This truly warms my soul and as a lion headed rock god once said lights my fire (rip angel) Girl Get HIGHER! Chocolate has serotoninĀ i like read it in a fuckin book. 29 more words

A flash from the past

Viktor was just like any other guy you see around you. He belonged to a middle class family living in the suburbs of London. A hard working father, a loving mother and a sweet little sister meant the world to him. 1,032 more words

Making Teas and Tinctures

Part of the allure of herbalism is the vocabulary, there’s an old-time feel to forgotten words such as tincture, cordial, salve and liniment. More important than the lexicon is the technique itself. 1,264 more words


Morning Tea Elixir

Having a great and succinct morning is crucial for a full day of productivity, light, and flow for me. Every morning I try to start my day with a prayer or a simple thanks to She who is God for all of my bountiful blessings, drink my morning elixir, and I stretch. 200 more words

Golden Milk: the elixir of life

Today I will share with you the secret of eternal life … muahahaha !!

Obviously I’m joking, but we get by. I’ll talk about a drink, easy preparation and good for our mental and physical balance! 505 more words

In The Kitchen