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The C-Word

A very supportive friend of mine confessed the other day that, while she liked my blog so far, she had to look up a lot of gaming terms in order to know what I was talking about. 347 more words

Elitism is a risk to football globalisation

This post, the first in this blog, has been influenced by separate events on the international football stage, on the surface they do not appear linked, however there is an underlying factor which is negatively affecting the progression and global reach of the world’s most popular sport and it is this element, elitism, that will be discussed herein.  1,652 more words



Conservative these days now means
The richest are the few who glean
The wealth that exists in our land.
The rest of it is sleight of hand. 325 more words


Government and Politics Should Be Like a Bird . . . You Need BOTH Wings to Fly

The national bird of the United States is the bald eagle. Like all birds, it has two wings, both of which are needed to fly. If one wing is hurt in some way, the bird cannot fly. 364 more words

Elitism Within Acting

It has come to my attention recently that the arts are becoming less and less diverse. Instead, they’re becoming more about money, or rather who has money. 630 more words


Law Society Favors Perverts

The Law Society of British Columbia has banned graduates of Trinity Western University from accreditation within their ranks, showing a marked allegiance to the politically correct will of the globalist elite that control our government and society.  707 more words