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Galaxy Survey Expedition One - Log Entry 1

It’s good money, but I can’t stand making the same trade run day after day after day any longer. I’ve always been a rinse and lather sort of guy who’s always interpreted the repeat instruction as an encouragement to waste time. 1,032 more words


Shochiku Kabuki X Uniqlo = Iemoto Noh X Nothing?

Popular Japanese apparel company Uniqlo has teamed up with Kabuki management company Shochiku to produce a series of t-shirts, trousers and accessories using Kabuki costume pattern designs as well as well as… 211 more words


The Real Junk Food Project in Brighton - a radical reinterpretation of the problem of waste.

Odo, adored revolutionary in Ursula Le Guin’s ‘The Dispossessed’, in her manifesto for a new world, envisions a system of perfect efficiency and diligence when she proclaims, ‘waste is excrement’. 1,129 more words


In Bloom

Vents pumpin’ C.F.C,
Levitate synths past dance-floor into stratosphere,

William’s Mix infiltrated by punting, flat rims,
Shootin’ sulfur.

Pilot Birangonas to Burigangas,
Give it a few months, or 528; 133 more words


Starting your day as if on purpose

When the that morning alarm goes of signifying that it’s time to start a new day are you the type to smile, get excited, maybe wander over to the patio and take in a deep breath before you drink that cup of coffee and start planning your day; or do you snooze 3 times before you thrown on clothes and run out the door hoping to grab a bite at the Starbucks drive thru as you grab a latte? 673 more words


The World's Most Brilliant Person May Speak Hmong, but the Road to Fame Leads Through Other Languages

“There is a “what else did you expect?” nature to the outsized role of Western languages in three Western-born products: the mass book-publishing industry, Wikipedia and Twitter. 168 more words