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Fangs God It's Friday: Eli

One of the most unusual vampire films in recent years has to be Let the Right One In. I saw lots of buzz about this film online. 205 more words


Father Teaches Son With Down Syndrome How To Fly In This Adorable And Moving Photo Series

A very sweet, touching gift for Wil. It’s amazing that humans have the ability to cast their children in such an adoring light. Being a dad myself, I know how he feels about being the parent of a child that you believe can do anything. 40 more words

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20 weeks - it's a BOY!!!!

It’s a BOY!!!!! Eli Stephen Morgan will be making his arrival sometime around September 1! We couldn’t be more excited! Our friends threw us a gender reveal party on Saturday! 986 more words


Guest Writer

Hill to Die On

By Eli Thompson.

Yea,I know that I should never end a sentence with a preposition…but some of my family

ends there’s with probation…so let that go,‘cause there sure as shit are better hills to die on. 542 more words


Love Live Season 2 Review

Season 1 Review So, this goes all the way back to my fifth review. Back then I was really just starting out. I guess that could have been said when I did the Kamisama Kiss season 2 review. 1,134 more words


I'm a MOM!

I arrived to Cabo San Lucas on Saturday, 12/27. Because I arrived later in the day, Eli and I went to a low-key dinner and headed home. 1,026 more words


In our quest for fun weekend and holiday activities, Sam’s tricycle has been a godsend. We are constantly aiming for variety in Sam’s life; things to do that aren’t us reading him books or watching an ipad, activities that get him out of his wheelchair. 572 more words