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Elementary s3 ep 10

‘Seed Money’ once again makes use of the possibilities opened up by the addition of Kitty to the main cast. In the A-plot, it looks as if a Brazilian cartel has ordered a hit on a brilliant genetic botanist, but the story takes us off in another direction. 214 more words


Do You Know Dojo? 

To start off your Monday….

Jimmy Fallon says it best! Mondays are EW!! Do yourself a favor and go watch Jimmy Fallon as “Sara” in some of the funniest skits ever. 884 more words


Valentine's in March

A little while ago, nevillegirl wrote a post with two Valentine’s tags in it, and then tagged a few other bloggers. Seeing as I was one of those bloggers, a) thank you!, and b) I don’t know if I was meant to have been tagged in both or not, so I’m doing them as separate posts. 668 more words

The Jupiter Pirates: Hunt for the Hydra by Jason Fry

The Jupiter Pirates: Hunt for the Hydra by Jason Fry
Harper, 2014.
Cybil Elementary and Middle Grade Speculative Fiction Finalist

In 2346, Jupiter and her moons have been colonized into the Jovian Union, and the Union has an uneasy truce with Earth. 395 more words


Fantasy Iditarod Draft

If you enjoy following the Iditarod, you will enjoy it more by following the race with a Fantasy Iditarod Team. Just before I left my students in Iowa, we held our own draft for Iditarod mushers. 678 more words