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The Nearly Departed

An elegiac ode

The time has nearly come,
Her next phase now looms on the horizon.
We can feel her excitement: with it the air hums. 260 more words


We said / Decíamos

We said yesterday
of the pale garden,
of a vintage rose
dissolved in tears,
the innermost abyss
in my cold pupil,
resting through time
and its folds, 84 more words

Gavriel Navarro

The poet who made me want to be a poet - An introduction to Sandra Gilbert

I picked up Sandra Gilbert’s Ghost Volcano at a used bookstore in Harrisburg, PA. I had only taken one creative writing course in college, and I only took that because I needed an easy summer course worth three credits. 311 more words

Poet's Corner

The Title of Poet: praise word or description?

There has been discussion about what a poet is and whether one can confer the title on oneself. I was tentative for a long time about calling myself a poet. 775 more words

Matt Simpson

Don't Talk about Centaurs! Xenophanes on Proper Songs at a Symposium

“First, it is right for merry men to praise the god
with righteous tales and cleansing words
after they have poured libations and prayed to be able to do… 189 more words


Love Is Tearing Me Apart: Tibullus, II.IV (1-12)

“Here I see my addiction, my mistress ready for me;
And so: farewell to my inherited freedom.
Here a sad slavery is granted and I am held by chains, 204 more words


Elegy for Farkhunda

Was it more than death the mob of men sought
as it beat, dropped, crushed, burned and threw
her body in the river?
Which act felt the most righteous… 217 more words