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(New Album Review) Gurun Gurun- Kon B

Gurun Gurun is a Czech group that has been deeply influenced by the extremely delicate, airy style of electro-acoustic music of Japanese artists like Minamo and Sawako. 196 more words

(New Album Review) Giulio Aldinucci- Spazio Sacro

Spazio Sacro, the new album from sound artist Giulio Aldinucci, is covered in a thick gauze of effects that make the slightest gestures reverberate endlessly, if only to amplify their relationship to the steadily beating heart beneath. 188 more words

(New Album Review) Paul Beauchamp- Pondfire

Pondfire, the debut solo album of Blind Cave Salamander’s Paul Beauchamp, will be getting a much-deserved release to vinyl from Onga Boring Machines, Old Bicycle Records, and Neon Caffe Rimini. 324 more words

(New Album Review) Deison & Uggeri- In the Other House

In the Other House is the product of a collaboration that began two years ago between Cristiano Deison and Matteo Uggeri, two wildly prolific noise artists who have been active since the 90’s. 283 more words

The Hole

The latest and greatest from Cazazza Dan!


sic pilot

“sic pilot” is an electro-acoustical work for electronics, electric violin, electric bass, acoustic piano and a choir of people of color (third movement). The piece explores the rhythm in political speech and its various conundrums while enjoying the amount of change or lack thereof as we listen to inaugural speeches separated by 25 years. 26 more words


Vorticisms (2002, 2015)

A 2002 musique concrète work with a 2015 short film composed from video footage shot on a broken Sony Cybershot digital camera.