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Ransom Paycheque in São Paulo


I have never seen anything this big! Well, perhaps Istanbul, out of the places I’ve been, but that was a long time ago, so this one wins! 109 more words

Bill Seaman - f (noir)

Eilean Records has quickly established itself as one of the top labels in the modern Ambient music scene with some brilliant curating from Mathias Van Eecloo. 132 more words


Radio Resistencia with live Good Cop / Naughty Cop

This sunday (22nd of March) a new episode of Radio Resistencia will take at Kapitaal Utrecht. As always the entrance is free and as always we start at 15.00 hour with our mini event / live radio session… there are cheap local beers and other drinks… and we continue until 18.00 hour… 49 more words

Daily Posts

Tod Dockstader - Aerial # 2, Part 1: Approach To Babbel

Sadly Tod Dockstader passed away yesterday (27.02.15). He was an Electro-Acoustic musician who used to work as an engineer making sounds for cartoons such as Mr Magoo. 51 more words

Aerial # 2 Part 1: Approach To Babbel

Dealing with Boulez

Dealing with Pierre Boulez is proving to be one of the biggest challenges of my project. Although his involvement with musical technology was minimal during my period of study (1946-1958), his influence on post-war French musical thought was huge. 285 more words


Juxta Phona - We Will Not Be Silence

A new release constructed by Jason Corder? Always going to hit the spot. Jason’s work has been with me since my late teens since his early netlabel days and every single release just gets better and better. 239 more words


Leafcutter John Talks Maria In The Forest (Pro-Tools & Field Recordings)

Leafcutter John has been involved with so many wonderful projects over the years. I first became an admirer of his music after listening to his agoraphobia inspired album- 178 more words