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Solar energy storage batteries 'set to transform Australian electricity industry #Auspol

Australia’s electricity industry is about to undergo a massive transformation, with the advent of cheap storage batteries for solar energy.
US billionaire Elon Musk, a co-founder of PayPal, this month launched a lithium-ion battery called the Powerwall that is expected to sell in Australia next year for about $5,500. 138 more words


Powering electric vehicles in the city

Simple stuff today just to stop my brain seizing up, nothing terribly new.

Grid lock is usually a term often used to describe interlocking traffic jams. 482 more words


My Annual Question

It seems that every time I return to Italy after a few months in the US, I can count on something new in town that leaves me asking, “What the hell were they thinking?????” This year’s “something new” is that the mysterious “they” – in their infinite wisdom – decided to put an electric car recharging station in the Piazza della Repubblica. 617 more words



The BMW i8, first introduced as the BMW Concept Vision Efficient Dynamics, is a plug-in hybrid sports car developed byBMW. The 2015 model year… 352 more words
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Here’s why Consumer Reports is calling Tesla’s $127k car ‘undriveable’

WATCH ABOVE: A review of the Tesla Model S from the widely trusted publication Consumer Reports is getting a laugh. Nicole Bogart explains.

TORONTO – It’s not every day esteemed consumer review publication Consumer Reports calls a car “undriveable” – let alone when the vehicle is worth US$127,000. 490 more words


Tesla Model S

The Model S was styled by Franz von Holzhausen, who previously worked for Mazda North American Operations. The car was codenamed WhiteStar during research and preliminary development.[1][2][3] 6,851 more words


Why Consumer Reports says Tesla's new $127k car is 'undriveable'

Tesla might be in some serious trouble with owners of its new Model S P85 D. Consumer Reports, the venerable product review organization, is reporting that it was effectively locked out of the $127,000 car after just 27 days of owning it and 2,300 miles of driving. 157 more words