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Camino Gear, the essentials

So, three weeks from today, I will be in Europe, Paris, to be exact, sleeping in a hostel in Montmartre with hours to go before a flight to Biarritz, a day at the beach, and another hostel reservation waiting for us along the border. 1,055 more words



Before I set off on my Journey some people asked: “How can you travel alone without your husband?” and “Won’t you be lonely?”   They were, I think, projecting their own feelings onto my situation for many well-functioning couples spend a lot of time apart, often due to work demands, and hopefully most single people are living full, contented and self-sufficient lives without the need of a partner.   1,335 more words

Journeys Around Europe

Can you show me your Credencial?

They’ve arrived! Our Pilgrim Passports that is.

I didn’t realise until Jaime said that we even needed them. You get them stamped in each Albergues or Refugio (the pilgrim hostels) that you stay in, and you can only do so if you have a Credencial. 304 more words

Buenos Dias!

So it’s just a few short weeks before Jaime and I set off on our adventure so I’m getting this set up in preparation.

This blog will be linked to my Facebook and Twitter so that I can just update this and everyone (who cares) will be able to check out the latest escapade.

The Pilgrimage

The Pilgrimage (O Diario Un Mago), Paulo Coelho‘s first official novel, published in 1987, describes his personal journey along the El Camino de Santiago… 724 more words


The Art of Being: Its Simple. Take a Walk.

Lets be honest. The reality of the life that many of us live revolves around a basic routine: Eat. Sleep. Work. Repeat. Too often we find ourselves absorbed by the city lights, rush hour, the standard work hours, meetings, the pressure to meet deadlines, and … life as it is. 396 more words


Breaking in Boots

If there’s one piece of advice I’ve received over and over (besides to watch out for blisters), it’s to make sure I break in my boots. 359 more words