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The Art of Being: Its Simple. Take a Walk.

Lets be honest. The reality of the life that many of us live revolves around a basic routine: Eat. Sleep. Work. Repeat. Too often we find ourselves absorbed by the city lights, rush hour, the standard work hours, meetings, the pressure to meet deadlines, and … life as it is. 396 more words


Breaking in Boots

If there’s one piece of advice I’ve received over and over (besides to watch out for blisters), it’s to make sure I break in my boots. 359 more words


Homeward Bound: Final Notes on El Camino de Santiago

How can I begin to describe the Camino? It was nothing like I imagined or planned for. Except, meeting people was, as promised the best part of the trip. 2,274 more words


Day 27: SANTIAGO!!

  I made it to Santiago!! A Camino review post to come, but for now: I’m DONE!! I don’t know that I’ve realized it yet, as I feel a mixture of joy and disbelief. 551 more words


Day 26: O Pedrouza, 34km

Last night. Was an albergue experience, which I haven’t, apparently had, which is odd (and fortunate). We shared the room with a few Spanish 100km hikers, who shipped their suitcases between alburgues. 447 more words


Day 25: Melide, 28km

Today was a good day. Last night at the albergue I met an American couple from LA, we had dinner together and walked together today. The trail varied from woods to roadside with almost no variation in altitude. 237 more words


Day 24: Ventas de Narón, 31km

Last night I self-inflicted my first “injury.” And true to my nature it was not something that made sense. Not tendinitis, or blisters, or shin splints. 594 more words