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Day 5: Estella

Today was interesting. We passed the first 100km mark. It rained for the first time. And we got “lost” for the first time. It wasn’t that long of a day, but it was hard, and everyone we talked too agreed. 397 more words


Day 4: Puente La Reina

We woke this morning at 6am, because Aoife couldn’t find her alarm which was going off. Though 6am seems to be somewhat the norm, as someone is usually getting up around then. 434 more words


Day 3: Pamplona!

Today it seems everyone is injured. Though it was an easier, flat day the days before are catching up to everyone. I’m still doing OK. But many of our companions are taking an extra days rest for various ailments. 195 more words


Day 2: Zubiri

Last night at dinner we had our first Pilgrim menu, three courses and wine for €10. The food was…about as good as you’d expect, Iand think I’ll avoid it in the future. 405 more words


Good Movies: Part 2

The Way (2010)

This is a story about a group of people walking El Camino de Santiago (the Way of St. James), a traditional pilgrimage across Spain. 475 more words

Day One: St. Jean to Roncesvalles

Last night at communal dinner we started the evening with introductions. We stated our names, where we were from and why we were hiking the camnio, the people and their reasons varied greatly. 487 more words


And the Adventure Continues

As the semester comes to an end at UAB, I can’t help but reflect on my experiences and gains from my being here in Barcelona. Change is inevitable always, but especially when it comes to facing a time of immersion in a culture so different from that which is familiar. 338 more words