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Past Imperfect - #36

After 7 daughters in a row, Mrs. Delganzo decided that her next child would at least LOOK like a boy, damn it all. Mrs. Delganzo and Bobbie were soon in therapy, with “The Stupid Hat” becoming a focal point of the discussions…


The Birthday Blog I Promised My Cousin When I Had Too Many Rum Punches

A few weeks ago, my youngest cousin texted me the following:

“Remember that time this summer when you were drunk and told me that you’d write a blog for me for my birthday? 568 more words

College Football Corner-- Eight Should be Enough...

College football has a history of being less than progressive…so I can understand if the four team playoff is here for a while.  Lets be honest–they didn’t use the bowls as a championship determining tool until the late 60’s…and it took 30 more years to move away from the jigsaw puzzle of New Years Day bowl game format.   519 more words

Fabulous Fridays: 19 Kids and all kinds of problems?

     In case you haven’t heard about this latest reality TV debacle..let me clue you in: According to a Washington Post article, on the heals of the cancellation of TLC’s “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” approximately 100,000 people have signed a petition to have  “19 Kids and Counting” removed from the network as well due to the anti-gay statements made by members of the Duggar family. 899 more words

Fabulous Fridays