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The Room View

The view from my room in Las Vegas earlier this week Such a unique place to say the least and I have been here endless numbers of times.


What She Did To You

You spent so much of yourself on her, a valiant effort from a man with an armor that no longer shines.

You liked her for far too long, noticed her as she walked pass by you at the halls of your university, waved at her and secretly rejoiced when she waved back. 236 more words


The Friday Post: A Parisian Night

When Adriana says “I can never decide whether Paris is more beautiful by day or by night” in Midnight in Paris she is vocalising a question that has been swirling around my brain for a while. 269 more words


Eurotrip 2014, Part 4: A Day in Paris

July 1, 2014: The phone in my London flat roused me at 4 a.m.—my wakeup call. What am I, nuts? Who gets up this early on vacation? 1,509 more words


Montreal Diary: The lost art of the postcard

One potential casualty of the great strides in the field of modern communication is the postcard. With the advent of Twitter and Instagram, the once mandatory holiday card is fading into nostalgia. 764 more words

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