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Egypt: President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi Visits Troops in Embattled North Sinai

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi made an unannounced visit to the Sinai Peninsula on Saturday to pay tribute to what he called military “heroes” who are standing up to Islamic extremist violence. 307 more words

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Recent Sinai Attacks; killing the beast-“We are not in the aftermath of the so called Arab Spring, Egypt and the rest of the Arab countries are deeply engulfed in a real war”

The recent Sinai attacks won’t be the last, more and even deadlier attacks will take place not only in Sinai, but in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Tunisia, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Libya.

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African Transport Tech Startups to Watch

As a citizen of the African Diaspora, I am very passionate about the African continent and its development. So without further ado, the following are some tech startups that will help to bring change in the Transportation sector within different countries in Africa via… 471 more words


مصطلحات دارجة بتستخدم في اللعبة

الموضوع ده عن شوية مصطلحات عادية بتستخدم في أي حوار بس ليها إستخدام في اللعبة برضه كتير فا لازم نكون عارفنها و ممكن معظمنا عارفها

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Arboretum Fact #2

It is thought that the concept of arboretums originated from the ancient Egyptians, who planted exotic trees and cared for them. Some of their exotic plant life included ebony wood from Sudan and pine and cedar from Syria.


Wards و الـ Trinkets أماكن إستعمال الـ

 الموضوع ده هيبقى قصير عن أشهر أماكن عشان تحط فيها الـWard أو تستعمل الـTrinket بتاعتك.

ملحوظة : طبعاً الموضوع بيعتمد على حاجات كتير سواء مين قدامك و عنده Invisibility ولا لأ, زي Evelynn Jungle بس الموضوع ده بيتكلم عامةً في العادي. 36 more words