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Talking in my sleep

A few nights ago I had a bad dream.  Not a nightmare, but as someone who loves my bed and my sleep, and looks forward to the entertainment that my REM time brings, this one wasn’t much fun.  692 more words


Three Who Do Not Apologize (2010)

1. Those who have nothing to apologize for.

2. Those who are not sorry for what they have done.

3. Those who are too important to apologize. 7 more words


Where the Ego is concerned, we're all actors playing different Roles in life.

Have you ever witnessed somebody your close to, meet new people and they act completely different? That’s not them, that’s their ego.

Have you ever been asked by a shop assistant how are you and replied im fine thanks, even though you’re feeling sad. 735 more words


ego enter

friendly is fire

and attempt is the action

and those of the whatever

and how it called onto

and where it was the standing

and how it feels… 54 more words


My profession/opinion is better than yours...

I’m a businessman and I laugh at teachers. I am a millionaire and the teacher gets peanuts. I’m a teacher and I hate businessmen. All they think about is transactions i.e. 622 more words

How to Harness the Power of Goodness in You

GOODNESS BUILDER. The bible says overcome evil with good. It’s an idea very easy to discuss in bible studies and easy to memorize. But when you’re face-to-face with it in real life, it seems more practical to just punch evil in the nose. 504 more words


Dealing with Difficult People

Have you ever had to deal with a really challenging person?

I am sure we all have.

You can always tell when they are near. Your emotions will be sure of that. 654 more words

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