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My interests are wide and varied and I’ve written this post in my head about 8 times, and even so, I think it’s going to ramble a bit before it (maybe) coalesces into something.   609 more words

Have you freed yourself from the cage of knowledge?

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Why Sankhya can work for everyone…

Sankhya is an ancient Indian philosophy that was originally written by Sage Kapil into the Sankhya-Sutras (which have long been destroyed) and later by Ishwar-Krsna in the Sankhya-Karikas. 488 more words


Your Current Flight of Ascension by Commander Ashtar ~ May 29, 2015

This article left me smiling as I now have no doubts about why I feel the way I do! Often times in the past, it was rather easy to work myself up into an emotional state over something non-consequential…and this feels shallow and quickly evaporates way leaving a feeling of loss. 1,846 more words

A Sensational God - Does God Have A Perspective?

I’ve been marginally absent of late, in comparison to my more regular posting a while back. I took a leave from posting often and regularly to take some time to delve more deeply into some previously uncharted water in terms of my personal experience. 1,454 more words