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Returning to Whole

I enter the world as a brimming ball of energy.

Full. Whole.

Years go by.

“That won’t do. This won’t do.”

From teacher, mom, my friend. 120 more words


Mi jesmo savršena bića, nemamo na sebi šta raditi da bi promenili svoje stanje svesti, jedino što možemo promeniti je način razmišljanja o sebi i svetu. 476 more words

Heyyy, Jealousy

Last week after a big student research symposium on campus, my girlfriend, some friends, and I played Settlers of Catan to as an excuse to hang out, drink, and unwind (plus it’s super fun!!). 632 more words


Letting Go of the "I" in Fiction

Fiction is a much different beast from nonfiction. As many writing columns attest, fiction just doesn’t pay that well (or dependably). To get published, you don’t only have to know the right people—you really, really need to be well-known (and good) to start with. 544 more words



“What I want is to be needed.

What I need is to be indispensable to somebody.

Who I need is somebody that will eat up all my free time, 17 more words


Shadows of the Moon

Never have I seen the moon

Cast shadows so vibrant

That I begin to wonder if I’m the shadow

Of my emotions

Ah, the stars gleam brightly… 317 more words


Evolution of Consciousness: The Growing Edge

We’ve already explored how consciousness evolves from birth into a fully mature ego, plus some of the problems encountered on the way. To finish, we’ll look at where we can go next. 1,841 more words