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I am so depressed I ain't even mad no more

I’d never heard my voice sound like it did this afternoon. It was little, open, the saddest sound on earth. I didn’t recognize it. However, my voice stopped to give way to an open mouth signifying nothing, only fat teardrops and snot filling it, my body hijacked by involuntary spasms. 370 more words

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Yapping Chihuahas

Last week during my mindwalk with a dear friend, I watched a hawk swoop down next to a building at UNT and try to catch up a squirrel. 658 more words


Ego Trips #851: Village - Nothing Between Us (Digital, Origami Sound, 2014)

A Regular guest on our blog in the past, Village returns after a hiatus from production, having musically evolved just as much as our tastes have during his absence, with a glorious combination of melodic stabs, pad work and a wonderfully layered drum line, “ 6 more words

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Ego Trips #848: Coleco ‘Conduit’ (Digital, Self Released, 2014)

Conduit is a spacey, melody driven half time Drum & Bass track by Bristolian producer Coleco. You can download it for free at Inflect Audio‘s bandcamp store.

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Ego Trips #846: rda. - slp

Talented Australian producer Ardor / rda. brings us this moody tune.

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