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EFT Tapping

EFT tapping is a powerful healing technique that allows people to let go of the past and to create for the present and future.

What is EFT tapping? 904 more words


Relieving PTSD in Israel with TFT

By Howard Robson, MD, TFT-Adv*
Chairman, TFT Foundation UK

In August we were deployed to Jerusalem together with Suzanne Connolly from the USA, to provide diagnostic training to a group of academic psychologists. 245 more words


The Manifestation Toolkit - Getting in touch with Positive Feelings exercise.

 The Manifestation Toolkit    

The Law of Attraction is often cited as the law of ‘what you think about you bring about’, but that’s not strictly true. 986 more words

Integration of Systemic and Experiential Approaches

EFT draws upon Systemic and Experiential approaches. From Experiential approaches, it sees the corrective emotional experience rather than insight, skills training, etc. as key to lasting change. 107 more words



Voltei da viagem da casa do meu amigo na sexta-feira, mas agora que vou comentar sobre ela, kkk!

Primeiramente, a casa dele é linda! A vida dele é muito boa e ele ganha uma renda altíssima! 170 more words


Sneaky Anger.

Anger is sneaky!

Why? Think back to your childhood. Most (not all, but most) of us were taught to hide our anger, stuff our anger or avoid expressing it. 688 more words


“Dealing with Involuntary Childlessness”

Being able to live a happy, fulfilling and purposeful life, when experiencing infertility can seem like an impossible task.

Whatever stage you are at in the fertility journey, becoming a mother or father becomes the centre of your world. 770 more words

Accepting Childlessness