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EFL: Countdown to Season 2015: 37 days to go: Montrose

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Choose Tap” Countdown | Montrose Football Club

Coach Brett Johnson has belief for Montrose.  Since arriving in 2012, the club has seen great consistency with finals appearances since 2010 – with the ultimate prize coming in 2013; a Division 2 premiership and a promotion to Division 1 in the… 503 more words


Into and in to

Confusing into and in to is a very common mistake.

1. Into is a preposition that describes movement towards or inside something.


Give (Someone) a Leg Up

Idiom: Give (someone) a leg up.

Meaning: To help someone to achieve something.

Example: He would never have got that job if his brother hadn’t given him a leg up.



EFL: Advertising Lesson featuring Nike and the inspirational Dan Wieden

The outdated Advertising unit in my 2005 edition of Market Leader made me want to cry as I prepared for lessons next week. This had the potential to be a great and engaging lesson, but not if done by my book unfortunately. 1,249 more words

CELTA Recovery.

I spent February in Thailand, where I took a 4-week CELTA course at International House Bangkok to turbo-charge my teaching skills and improve the odds of finding a job in Kuala Lumpur. 862 more words


FACEBOOK – scary ESL teaching statistics!

(Photo credit:  http://bit.ly/1G1Ua7Y)

This is a rather hot topic of mine these days as we at our school are now really focusing on using it in all aspects of our school, business-wise and also encouraging teachers to use it in the classroom. 540 more words


An interview with the artist: Lance Tooks

I was really lucky in my experience with writing As Others See Us with CUP as they let me choose the artist. And I knew a brilliant one: … 1,543 more words