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There are no such things as shortcuts. You have to go through the time to achieve the result. It takes determination, perseverance, effort. And love, above all love, so you will not give up before the end.

After Yoga

Learning Portfolio Three, Activity

Three Products that Satisfy the Design Principal of Performance Load.


I would identify the Netflix application as a poor example of both kinematic and cognitive load. 333 more words



The world has been set afire by those bad ideologies and old philosophies that seduce the undiscerning Man with the old heresy that he can whatever he wants without consequence. 36 more words

For The Benefit Of Mankind

The Difference is the Decision to Try

Sometimes, when I accomplish something new, I want to believe that what I’m doing is special. I know it’s special to me because it makes me feel good, but I project that on to other people. 512 more words

Don't get bitten in the ass (a personal tip).

So I’ve been taking sleeping tablets for the last few months. I tried them because I just couldn’t shut off my brain at night. Now, they’re organic so it’s not like I’ve got addicted to some crazy chemicals. 454 more words


She doesn't ask for much

That’s all she wants.

Someone asking her if she’s eaten.

How her day has been.

Whether or not she’s okay.

If she needs anything.

Someone just being there for her, the way she was for others. 10 more words

Inner Ramblings

What is your best?

After my father read the post about giving the best effort possible, I had a conversation with himĀ that really made me think. He saidĀ “Some people use ‘I did/am doing my best,’ as an excuse and give up trying”. 192 more words

Life Lessons