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Robert Shiller on crypto-politics, Piketty, and why efficient market theory is a "half-truth"

The first two editions of Irrational Exuberance, Robert Shiller’s best-selling study of financial markets, both presciently called the top on asset bubbles of historic proportions. 1,700 more words

More on "Passive Investing" for Physicians


Basic Financial Concepts

By Timothy J. McIntosh; CFPMBA MPH CMP

By Jeffery S. Coons; PhD CFA

By Dr. David E. Marcinko; MBA CMP™ 709 more words


Six Big Ideas: Negotiation 2

Part 2: Negotiating changes the question

In a previous post, I noted that people in the real estate industry benefit by being skilled negotiators. Mostly, that post focused on tactics which are privately profitable and which apply to other situations, such as buying a new car or starting a new job. 360 more words


It's not easy to be green: the cost of fossil fuels divestments to the New Zealand superannuation fund

The Green Party of New Zealand wants the New Zealand superannuation fund to sell its $676 million in fossil fuel investments. For those not in the know, this government investment fund is worth about $25 billion and is funded by present taxes to pay for the universal old age pension in New Zealand. 413 more words

Public Choice

50 Years of Real Estate Research

At a recent conference, a panel of very senior researchers compared the research questions being asked and the techniques being used 50 years ago with now, and they looked forward. 561 more words

Real Estate

Bubbles vs. High Prices: What is happening now?

Recent news has been going in different directions. Some news reports say that markets are booming because sales are increasing. Other news reports says that things are terrible (with the implication that they are about to get worse). 413 more words