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smart seats in the auditory hall

When visiting presentations you are faced with different types of arrangements of the seats. They need manpower to put the seat on the right place. 38 more words


No, new tech will not lower your company’s costs

One of information technology’s great benefits, supposedly, is its ability to lower costs. Walmart, for example, is famous for its digital stock-keeping. Its databases know exactly what’s on the shelves, and they automatically inform suppliers which stores are low on stock. 920 more words


Why is Mobile Marketing So Important for Entrepreneurs?

It is no news that the mobile phone is now the best office anyone can ever have because it is important to know that mobile marketing is an important market that is too big to ignore in our contemporary world. 792 more words

Adu Stella

The Super Power That Will Make You More Efficient!

We all grow up (especially boys) idealizing Super-Heros, for me I loved Batman and yes i had the cape….. We all wanted to be a super hero. 214 more words


Fastest way to list on Ebay?

Next up I will be exploring the fastest way to list on ebay. I have dabbled a bit this week with listing tools and haven’t decided on one yet. 248 more words

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square based trees

Woodworkers are dealing with the fact that trees have a circular cross section. This means a cut-off when producing timer for example on a small diameter timber line. 8 more words


Clean solar modules. Gives you power

Solar module cleaning is one of the biggest challenge faced by customer. There are many reasons for the cleaning maintenance activity to be irregular.

1) The accessibility to roof top solar modules without proper access ways will lead to difficulty for people to go near solar modules to clean the solar modules. 309 more words