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Tea Workshop

Japanese tea masters used to say: “A cup of tea is a cup of peace.” AAU Student Council organized a peaceful relaxing evening by presenting a two-sessions “Tea Workshop” Tuesday, which starts to become an annual tradition at the university. 344 more words


Wednesday Wordage - Terpsichorean


Say: turp-si-kuh-ree-un

Maybe I’m just too predictable. I have fallen in love with this word after finding while looking for a word suitable for the… 101 more words


About @Relate4ever Publishing #Topics #Interviews

Vision – Restoring the most essential topics in each of the 4 life seasons

Mission – Recording history with real life stories interviews guided by the Life Letters outline… 9 more words


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Animal Census Reporting Act 2015

SB51-int (PDF) Animal Census Reporting Act 2015 SB51-int (DOCX) Animal Census Reporting Act 2015 SYNOPSIS: This bill would require an animal shelter 43 more words

Tips for Caulking Your Shower Surround

Caulking your shower surround doesn’t have to be a hassle if you follow some of the easy tips below. Before you know it, you will be on your way to a beautiful, blended shower surround joint. 248 more words

Tips & Tricks

Why A Goy like Me Celebrates Purim!

PURIM! Sometimes called the Jewish Halloween, this is one of the more fun holidays that grace the Jewish Calendar. This is a Rabbinical holiday, meaning that while not directly commanded by G-d, it commemorates a massive miracle for the Jewish People. 1,286 more words


Meet Crystal White

Crystal White began her journey toward becoming an author in 1990. Married with two daughters, she returned to college to study special education. But after taking a children’s literature class, she was hooked! 151 more words