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New Science Standards Emphasize Hands-On Learning

Raymond Cree Middle School teacher Nichi Avina has been developing new lesson plans based on the Next Generation Science Standards. SANDEN TOTTEN / KPCC

In 2013, the California State Board of Education… 130 more words

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Elizabeth Forward student creates canoe in high school's digital fabrication lab

March 28, 2015 12:00 AM

Doug Oster/Post-Gazette

Elizabeth Forward senior Tyler Wachs built a canoe in the school’s new FABLab, which allowed him to design the canoe on a computer that then cut the pieces for him. 95 more words

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The Meaning of the Failure of the Online For-Profit Universities

Corinthian Colleges have been forced to close their “doors.”

As I reported in this blog several years ago, the Washington Post Corporation, which had derived between 50% and 60% of its annual profits from its ownership share of Kaplan University quietly sold off its stock just ahead of the formal release of the Harkin Report which signaled the bursting of the online for-profit “bubble.” 550 more words


Teaching and Technology

In the past decade, distance education has become an increasingly popular way for colleges to provide access to their programs and for students to learn about topics and get degrees they might not otherwise be able to pursue. 456 more words

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Technology and Active Learning

Teachers are finding on how to deal with students being bored. They are somehow more interested with learning that involves movement and equipment. Things they can do and things they can touch, manipulate, maneuver, or assemble. 393 more words

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What do research and international standards say about technology?

The rapid and constant pace of change in technology is creating both opportunities and challenges for schools.

The opportunities include greater access to rich, multimedia content, the increasing use of online coursetaking to offer classes not otherwise available, the widespread availability of mobile computing devices that can access the Internet, the expanding role of social networking tools for learning and professional development, and the growing interest in the power of digital games for more personalized learning. 193 more words

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Primary Source Materials for Your iPad

Primary sources are vital resources for educators. iTunes has collected various primary sources, including: historic film, documents, and oral histories. Many of their posted resources are free! Check it out here.