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An Education Link

Somehow, I failed, it seems, to link to this essay by the esteemed Dr. Boli a couple months back. Fabulous stuff.

We are, however, so totally doomed. 14 more words


Lewes History Group: Bulletin 56, March 2015

Please note: this Bulletin is being put on the website one month after publication. If you would like to receive the Bulletin by email as soon as it is published, please… 1,539 more words


Convenient "Coincidences"

How many of you have noticed how many convenient “coincidences” have fallen into place that have given increasing government control of our public education system? I have put together a presentation that shows this in a way that is documented with media. 13 more words


While We're Talking Education...

This essay by Theodore Dalrymple, brought to my attention via a comment here by Mary, on this post at Sarah Hoyt’s blog (phew!) contained the following: 777 more words


Why Kids Are Not Taught Poetry

Now I’m totally hooked on Firestar, a novel by Mike Flynn. Was up till midnight reading, and so am doing that whole neck-snap thing as I doze off at my desk. 1,003 more words


A College Degree Doesn't Mean You Can Think

In the comments to this post at John C. Wright’s blog, Legatuss, (who might be a slightly spelling-challenged general in the Roman Legions, but is an intelligent commenter) brought to my attention… 1,108 more words

Modern Cluelessness

Little Bit 'o Philosophy: The Centrality of Friendship

Something to keep in mind: The foundation of Greek philosophy, that unsurpassed shining moment of human brilliance that was essential to the establishment of Western Culture and still permeates our lives, is – 818 more words