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Valdosta State University’s Doctor of Public Administration Program

A gift planning professional for almost two decades, Anthony W. Duva serves as the director of Habitat for Humanity International’s planned giving development division. Anthony W. 162 more words

Anthony W. Duvas

‘The Wife’s Lament’ and other Old English and medieval tales

Those of you taking the Anglo-Saxons course this summer at Nottingham and Leicester or later in the autumn at Loughborough may be interested in a… 48 more words


The factors measure a country's success

Economic progress is often used to measure a country’s success. However, some people believe that other factors are more important. What other factors should also be considered when measuring a country’s success? 303 more words

Ielts Sample Essay

Overcoming Banality

“We’re going to do something completely different today,” I announced excitedly to my class of three drowsy-eyed Korean high schoolers. One glanced up at me skeptically, one smiled hesitantly, and the other kept her eyes averted, her face hidden behind her long black hair. 509 more words


The Contemporary Korean Education System and Confucianism

Before I begin this post proper, I’d just like to give a quick bit of background information as to its genesis. I wrote the original form of this piece as an essay, trying to explain how much the contemporary education system in Korea is still influenced by traditional Confucian concepts and values, and how much is now derived from ‘modern’ ‘western’ theory and practice. 2,839 more words

Contemporary Korean Society

8 Weeks.


The story doesn’t end here! …so why should this project?

Focusing on gratitude instead of loss has been important to me. It utilizes courage, strength, and appriciation. 453 more words


SAP- Sales and distribution module

Sales and distribution are being considered as an integral part of every management system which performs several vital functions such as sales research and planning, creation of product and services demand, price fixation, establishing sales territories and coordinating sales and distribution of products to the buyer. 14 more words