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Recovery towards self acceptance

Nobody likes to gain weight.

Personally, I have a long and dark past with disordered eating and at one point was diagnosed with EDNOS and accepted into an intensive outpatient therapy program (that I did not end up following through with. 359 more words

Something A Little Different

I know that I usually do a post on Saturdays or Sundays but today I have had a lot on my mind lately, so, I’m going to write about some of it. 1,320 more words


Tuesday the 7th of July '15

Dieting, whether restrictive or not is never simple. I mean, I tell myself… ‘maybe just have a bowl of oats today’. Its one meal, and its healthy. 102 more words

Eating Disorder


I never really take pictures of myself. I went through a phase of taking pictures of myself when I was like 18 to 20, but since I’ve been with Matt I just don’t feel like it anymore… 307 more words

Bits of Positivity

my past few posts have been super negative, my final coming up is very emotionally provoking, which is proving to be an interesting challenge. so today i decided to write about something a bit more positive, mainly to lift myself up and perhaps help someone else. 353 more words

Ana 'Inspiration'

I met this girl named Ana,
She’s pretty, thin, and tall.
She’s got the smallest frame I’ve ever seen,
And not one single flaw.
I met this girl named Ana, 152 more words


Ed and Ana

Ed and Ana pretend to be my friend.
I think I’m on to them as my demise is their end.
I try to keep a journal but it only feeds my fears… 110 more words