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The Cruelest Part

Alcoholics can avoid alcohol. You can not buy it, you can avoid pubs, you can socialise in other ways.

Herion addicts can avoid drugs – not easily perhaps, but you can not buy them, not associate with that group of friends. 511 more words

Eating Disorder


Fear is a powerful emotion. It’s one which we are evolutionarily programmed to respond to- known as the fright/ flight response. It is an emotion which can incapacitate us and yet at other times can drive us to seemingly superhuman feats. 478 more words

Notes to self.

Starving myself does not make me strong.
I do not get “points” for skipped meals, nor do I get “gold stars” for purging.
Anorexia is not a sign of strength. 69 more words

Hospital stay !!

Yesterday I got discharged a three day stay on a general ward. I managed to only eat 2-3 mouthful of anything I ate because I was in a lot of pain. 52 more words

Sunday 29th March


Sorry I’ve not posted in a while, this week has been really tough. Lots has happened and I’m really struggling got stay positive about recovery. 88 more words


You can't win them all

Some days I am so determined to not let mental illness ruin my day, I try and try and try and I still finish the day feeling awful and defeated. 294 more words