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Today did not go as planned. I pigged out like the gross person I am. I’m restarting now. I know that I have to eat roughly 600 cals a day to lose twenty pounds in 2 months. 97 more words

The Voice

Maintaining an eating disorder is hard. It takes time, effort, money, determination.

Last night, feeling utterly terrible about my calorie intake (too much, though no weight gain) I decided to I was going to withdraw from all of it. 420 more words

Eating Disorder

Eating frequency and suicidal thoughts

Things are getting worse. Right now I’m sitting on my floor waiting for my cuts to stop bleeding so I can get dressed for work. I’ve been so suicidal lately. 165 more words

I'm Fine

I feel I need to talk to someone. I know I am adamantly against therapy but keeping my eating disorder a secret – when it’s blantantly obvious to most people – and pretending I’m fine is driving me crazy. 254 more words

Eating Disorder

By a thread

No weight loss for 8 days! 8 days! Okay I haven’t gained but I haven’t lost either! And I’m not eating more and I’m still exercising; but admittedly I don’t have time enough to do as much. 483 more words

Eating Disorder

Living With EDs

This is a really personal post, and one I’ve been struggling to write for a while. I want to talk about eating disorders and how lightly some people talk about them, or even ‘joke’ about them. 499 more words

The Witch - A Clearly Intentioned Fable


Everyone said that she was a witch,  and at your core you knew it to be true.  You were at her hut and it didn’t matter if you had sought her out, or stumbled upon it because of circumstance or confusion, or even if you were simply lost you all ended up at the same place, the small cottage on the edge of the forest. 1,513 more words