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Why is Tommy Robinson given such a bad rap?

When we published our interview with the founder of the English Defense League on our youtube channel NOTA Network, (which you can find here) my friends and I knew it was going to be controversial. 1,467 more words


Different skin colours fine as long as it's Ink and Hate, say EDL

This week the far-right, white supremacist movement known as the English Defence League have only just realised the irony of being covered in colours that are not white. 518 more words


Nazi numpties' North Western nonsense

This afternoon the White Pride Worldwide march will take place in Manchester. I don’t imagine that any of my friends will be marching in support of this racist nonsense. 67 more words

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Discrimination: The gift that keeps on giving

OK, OK – I know discrimination isn’t much of a ‘gift’ but the rest of the title is accurate. It doesn’t stop. It  can’t. The attitude of discrimination, be it based upon race, religion, sexuality, age, employment status or disabilty remains the same – and that attitude is self-perpetuating. 521 more words

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Biffers buy back the tat that they already bought

Paul Golding of Britain First has sent his Biffer followers yet another offer they really ought to refuse. I’ve translated it for them (since they’re generally pretty hard of understanding). 677 more words

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Why oppose the far right?

Someone asked me yesterday why I spend so much of my time and energy writing about the far right. The answer is simple enough. I need to be able to sleep at night. 67 more words

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UK Conservative candidate caught out in race baiting scam

A key Conservative party election candidate was suspended last night after plotting with the English Defence League to stir up racial hatred in a cynical bid to win votes. 243 more words