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EDL coming to Brighton, April 18th!

The far-right English Defence League have announced a national demonstration in Brighton on 18th April 2015. With no Islamophobic issue to hang their demo from, it is clear the EDL simply want to cause trouble for the residents of Brighton because we are a tolerant and diverse community that has successfully defeated the racist March for England. 102 more words

What UKIP thought about 100 Days of UKIP

Last night Channel 4 broadcast their mockumentary 100 Days of UKIP, a satirical film about a proposed UKIP government’s first 100 days in power… 893 more words


Pegida UK promoter Matthew Pope wants Islam banned and has far-right links

One of the Facebook pages of Matthew Pope, an official spokesman for Pegida UK.(Facebook screengrab)

The man acting as official spokesman for the Pegida UK group confessed to spreading hate through a Facebook page he ran called “Ban Islam”, claimed there are no peaceful Muslims and has social media ties to the far-right. 1,038 more words

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What's the problem?

This just turned up in my local paper. For those who don’t know, Workington has an Asian population of just over 1%. There’s certainly no reason at all to imagine that there’s any sort of ‘problem’ with immigration here. 242 more words

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Bloody nasty people

I recently read ‘Bloody nasty people’, a book by Daniel Trilling that really is a ‘must read’ for anyone concerned about ther rise of the far right in UK. 141 more words

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Welcome to Winstons League

Fellow reader,

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. We are Winston’s League. A blog to write about British Political Parties and street protest groups. 110 more words