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Hillary runs as a populist because we're easily fooled. Will we prove her wrong?

Summary: It requires an extraordinary blindness, willful blindness, to believe Hillary’s promises and not the expectations of her billionaire backers. Yet the enthusiasm for her among the 90% shows that we have learned nothing during the past 8 years. 802 more words


Student banned from class for being too ginger

We’d understand if she’d have gone for the Sergio Aguero hair style, but this 17-year-old has been kicked out of class for being too ginger. 396 more words


Commuter stands up to middle-aged woman racially abusing Muslim family

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A commuter has been praised after she stood up to a woman verbally abusing a Muslim family sat opposite her on public transport. 233 more words


One Woman's Search for the Perfect Pair of Booties

Winter is coming… NO! Winter is here.  In fact, winter is half way over and it took me this long to find the perfect pair.  For some season, there seems to be a bootie deficit in the fashion world.   155 more words

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How the world looks from Russia. It's a picture the US media don't show.

Summary: The US news media flood us with facts (mostly correct), but seldom show us how the world looks like from the perspective of our foes and rivals. 2,189 more words

America's Long War

Health Change Trajectory Model

The discipline of nursing now has a growing and rich body of theoretical models that provide useful perspectives from which we can build practices addressing some of the most pervasive health challenges we and our patients face.  437 more words

Editor's Picks

Protecting girls from body image problems will be a win for the robots.

Summary: After years of denials about the next industrial revolution (we’re told it’s a field of dreams; the jobs will appear if we need them), we’re unprepared to cope with it. 703 more words

3rd Industrial Revolution