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Editor's Pick: Comb it out!

De paardjes van Playmobil hebben sinds kort lange manen die je kan kammen. Goed gezien van de nieuwe ontwerper die er sinds kort aan de slag is.  68 more words

Editor's Picks

In the center ring: scientists debate the process of climate science

Summary:  Here’s one of the best conversations I’ve seen about the state and process of climate science (not the technical details for professionals). If he were alive, Thomas Kuhn would smile at this evidence that his theory so well describes the workings of science — on which we rely for prosperity and perhaps survival.  1,639 more words

Science & Nature

Editor's picks for May 2015

To help give you all a better understanding of what we are all about here at WE ARE YOU, we have decided to share our favourite tracks each month. 543 more words


A secret of the new business cycle, & why good predictions have become so rare

Summary:  This post looks at the recent economic data, but not to convince you about the rightness of my forecast (more slow growth), but rather to help you make sense of the river of economic data the modern media brings us. 952 more words


Student comes up with an idea for an International Flag of Earth

A student has come up with an international flag of earth and we think it’s pretty cool.

Made up of seven white rings in an interlocking pattern on a blue background, it may be used in the future as we earthlings go on to colonise other planets. 192 more words


The Right urges us to blame Obama & directly fight ISIS. Will we repeat our mistakes?

Summary:  As ISIS (grandly calling itself the “Islamic State”) expands, the Right blames Obama and calls for more direct military involvement by America. Their arguments rely on our amnesia about the past and delusions about the nature of modern war. 778 more words

Iraq & Afghanistan

Police find 1,000 stolen eggs in man's fridge - for personal consumption

A man caught with more than 1,000 stolen eggs in his fridge has claimed he stole them from the factory where he worked for personal consumption… 180 more words