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Staff Editorial: Fighting fear to make connections


As we rush through our lives, it becomes easy for us to disconnect ourselves from those outside the “bubble” that surrounds us, made up of our friends and like-minded acquaintances. 324 more words

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In Search of the Original High

The evolution of Adam Lambert from theater kid to singer-songwriter-superstar

By Juneau

I have been a most ardent Adam Lambert fan these past five years, but as you faithful readers of my scribblings well know, my passion for him has never blinded me to his human failings and limitations. 2,461 more words


SteamCharts displays the lopsided Sim Racing userbase

SteamCharts, An ongoing analysis of Steam’s player numbers, occasionally can show some pretty interesting data.One of the reasons I believe there’s such an outbreak of fanboyism in racing games is that there are only enough pretend race car drivers to populate one game – this isn’t like Call of Duty versus Battlefield where each franchise has a userbase in the hundreds of thousands. 91 more words


Three Days in Anchorage

Alaska is by far the largest state in the USA, but it feels so far removed. It’s certainly not the bustling tourist destination its fellow non-lower-48 friend Hawaii is, but it’s spectacular in a whole different way. 881 more words

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Wisdom of Ages, or the Aged

I often quote a friend of mine because I consider her wise. In some ways she’s wiser than I, and her remarks generally strike me as more right than not, and always worth a listen. 1,669 more words


If You Don't Know- Out for Blood

Blood, blading, the juice, call it what you will, but it has been a staple of wrestling for a very long time. Just take a look at Dusty Rhodes forehead. 833 more words


Editorial: Recipe for crime

The same day that Premier Jim Prentice promised the budget would strike a balance that would protect the vulnerable and front-line services, a group of highly vulnerable children — young offenders — became the first casualties of that line of spin. 392 more words