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Edit of Singularity for Tutorial with Nick Collins

A shortened edit of Singularity for my tutorial with Nick Collins. This version has voice over. Nick liked the voice over, especially combined with the wind sound picked up by the microphone when I recorded the voice over under my dining room table, which I draped with quilts to try to deaden the sound (see photo below; I later tried recording in my wardrobe). 120 more words


We see what we expect to see

I consider myself a student—not of any university or trade school, but an everyday learner—whether out and about in public, in front of my laptop or with a book in hand. 146 more words


Quotes, ligatures, dashes and dots …

Typography – the art and technique of arranging type to make written language readable and appealing.

I am a bit of a stickler for correct typography. 1,239 more words


My first Kindle book - all of 750 words

It might be the shortest book on Kindle.

Editing always appeared to me like a thick forest, where every editor took their own self-beaten path to come out on the other side. 34 more words

Books And Stories

The Writer's Alphabet vol.15; "O" is for Opposition

Opposition. It’s not as shitty as you might think. For writers (and everyone because writers aren’t as special as we think ourselves to be) opposition exists in 4+1 ways. 1,157 more words


When Motivation Fails You

My life has been so, so busy lately and I’ve made little progress on my novel. I’ve done a fair amount of editing. A very intelligent, meticulous, and lovely beta reader gave me fantastic feedback which I’ve nearly finished incorporating. 464 more words


The Writer's Alphabet vol.14; "N" is for Negative

N is for negative because all the other words were taken. Being negative is a negative way to be, so be positive and the negative takes care of itself. 248 more words