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What Does a Good Editor Do?


Is Your Editor Worth It?

Editorial by Jim Dempsey, Novel Gazing

Read the article for full explanations and examples, but basically Dempsey lists the things every good editor will do: 46 more words

Editing And Writing

The Editor as Hunter

Susan Pierotti, Creative Text Solutions

I was given a gift a few years ago: editing the memoirs of a retired actress, Lola, who has lived all her life in the oldest house in Melbourne’s CBD, with a view to publishing it. 398 more words

Creative Text Solutions

Evil in Children's Books

“Top 10 ways to be evil in children’s books” by William Sutcliffe

The Guardian, 17 May 2015


“When writing for adults, every character, however malevolent, has to have a nuanced motivation behind the choices they make. 113 more words

Editing And Writing

Endear Yourself to Your Editor


Whether you’re working through a publisher who assigns you an editor, or whether you are self-pubbing and hired an editor yourself (please, please don’t skip getting a professional editor!), it’s important to develop a relationship that works. 427 more words

Editing And Writing

Grammar Nerd Jokes

Editors, writers, many readers, and all grammar nerds will appreciate these. If you don’t fall into one of those categories, just ignore this post and wait for the next Corgi Cuteness. 62 more words

Editing And Writing

The Queen of King Street: Part 4

Susan Pierotti, Creative Text Solutions

Lola’s autobiography, The Queen of King Street, was sitting on the desk of another editor for some time before it was handed over to me to work on. 343 more words

Editing And Writing

How not to write an article about romance novels


Romance Novel Think Pieces for Dummies

Yep, this article covers the nonsense of all those articles about romance readers and the romance genre. Fun to read but reactivates all your annoyance at those stupid and shallow articles.

Editing And Writing