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Variations on a Theme

Nerd alert! Nerd alert!

I love stories…words…the unfolding of thoughts…the sharing of the soul through the fluid pairing of word to idea…word to idea…word to idea. 261 more words

Family Life

Little Eden

While I was hiking on a beautiful, late spring day, I came upon this place, hidden away from the path. I sat down on a rock, ate my lunch, read from a book (I don’t recall what I was reading at the time) and simply wanted to stay there for as long as I could. 8 more words


Spill it Scarlett.

So, come on then Scarlett! It was your birthday this week, and birthday celebrations followed this weekend. I am hoping and presuming that there is some scandalous gossip you… 570 more words


3 Reasons To Not Have An Abortion

  • It stops A beating heart.  A babies heart beats at twenty days of conception. Most abortions happen around eleven weeks. That is murder.
  • It has risks!
  • 33 more words

Going Wild in a Paradise Called Seychelles

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The song of the wild in Seychelles is a soothing melody. No jarring roars of predators here.

Yes, we went wild capturing portraits of the permanent residents of paradise. 37 more words



I would rise every morning in wait of her,
And fall every evening to give eyes to her
We were one,
Until one would depart, 146 more words