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Today In Album History 05/24/1988 - Van Halen "OU812"

Today in 1988, Van Halen released their eighth studio album “OU812″, the second to feature Sammy Hagar on vocals. The album produced the singles “When It’s Love” and “Finish What Ya Started”. 10 more words


Twicebound: Chapter 9 – part 3

Yes, this episode got published a little late today.  No, I’m not going to apologize. Okay, I’m kidding; if you show up on my doorstep to complain, I’ll probably dissolve into an abject puddle of apologies.  615 more words

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18 Struggles Only A Cat Owner Understands

I need to write something/blog something.  Quick, think…………  Ah here’s an article I can write on:


#1.  Yup Dac did this to me.  I actually went outside to see if she escaped, even though it was physically impossible for her to go outside. 52 more words


The Rape of Sansa Stark

Game of Thrones rape scene prompts outraged fans to quit the series

Anybody else find it a bit… struggle for the right word… the CBC held within its walls a man that was known within the circles to use his position to sexually assault women… and now it comes down harshly upon the Game of Thrones for its most recent rape scene… the right word escapes me. 722 more words


Graphic Novel Review: Distant Fortunes (plus discount code)

I believe in full disclosure in reviewing and this review is a little different from my other reviews just because it’s about a graphic novel. But the disclosure comes in because this graphic novel was created by Eddie, a fellow blogger here so obviously I’m inclined to like it. 273 more words


Eddie Wall

“Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh…“


Vampires and Other Animals

This morning I threw a batch of chili into the crockpot, and was just reaching for the second jar of seasoning when I realized I’d put a teaspoon of dried garlic into a recipe than called for a quarter that amount. 453 more words