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#28daysofwriting Day 8: A new type of learner

I signed up to a MOOC three weeks ago.  Completely mad given the timing but it sounded interesting.  It is my third MOOC and the second in just 4 months.   665 more words

Revision of the new major

After meeting with the division, we rethought the new major in this fashion:

Students will be able to

  • read and understand multiple texts in multiple modes…
  • 499 more words

Mein echtes Land

Wenn ich meinen Deutschen Freunde gerade sagte, dass Ich aus Galicien komme, wußte fast niemand weder was das war noch wo das lag. Aber wenn ich dennoch den Jakobsweg erwähnte, kannten alle was das ist. 159 more words


Digital artefact for #edcmooc

Back to the MOOC  E-Learning and Digital Cultures from the University of Edinburgh. The first time in March 2013 I have learned how to participate in a MOOC this time I have explored different views on technology and humanity in relation to digital education. 106 more words


Everyone Needs Positive Feedback #edcmooc

One final reflection on the E-Learning and Digital Cultures MOOC (for now). Last week I wrote about what was required to complete the course. While it is not over-demanding, the possibility of failure is not something any of us welcomes, so it was with a sense of relief as well as satisfaction that I read the very positive comments on my final submission this morning, and discovered that I had secured a Grade 1 Pass (the only alternative being a Grade 0 Fail!). 641 more words


EDCMOOC Submission:Digital Artefacts-A Question of Learning.

This is linked to the novel I am currently working on. It contains two of my characters, Sahiré Kaition-Radnor, the co-First Admiral and Empress, and the AI Ambassador, Michael McKay. 975 more words


Humanity Vs Technology - A "Quote-Unquote" Debate #edcmooc

This is my digital artefact submission for the E-Learning & Digital Cultures MOOC (EDCMOOC 3 : Nov-Dec14). No, I’m not referring to the image above – that’s just a visualization. 552 more words