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Lapse in Judgment.

Oh, how swiftly and predictably the mighty do fall.

My “slip” (as my therapist called it, a nice benign little word for self-torment) occurred about a week and a half ago, the long-awaited Friday night that came after ten days of being crammed indoors with little “me” time (and with lots of food taunting me from within the cupboard) due to snow. 350 more words


National Eating Disorder Awareness Week Recap

Remember, you are worth more than a number on the scale or how you look. Spread self-acceptance, positivity, and love for our bodies instead of hate! 1,099 more words


Support and Pressure

I consider myself a very supportive person, especially in the eating disorder community. I encourage others to tackle fear foods, to challenge eating disorder “rules”, and to take leaps in recovery. 455 more words


busy busy busy

well it’s nearly the end of the day and I’m shattered. I’ve kept myself SO busy today and managed not to eat anything. Just having a cup of green tea now, then heading to bed. 20 more words

Starting Over

So, I’ll start again with my old life style. The one in which I ate nothing from 7 pm to 10 am. But this time, given my busy schedule, my last meal will be sometime before 5 pm. 179 more words


I had a realization today. My eating disorder is healed.

Before I began my own treatment process, I obsessed over my food. Food controlled my life – where I could eat, how much I could eat, what I could eat… There was no getting away from ED. 782 more words

Eating Disorder

Perfectionism and People Pleasing

This last week has been emotionally really rough. I went from confusion to anger to sadness to confusion to an entire ladder of emotions. I thought I was never going to get off this ladder. 439 more words