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The Last Cheat Day

All was going well until I went grocery shopping and bought lots of delicious food. Doing my weekly-2weekly shop in one sitting meant that I wanted all the food at once. 133 more words


Day 4

I am sick. I have a fever, headache and I passed out in the morning. My blood pressure and pulse were really low but I feel slightly better now. 270 more words

Anorexia Recovery

What's It Like? Comorbidity and Other Things to Know (NEDAwareness 2015, Day 6)

In many cultures, Friday is considered unlucky.  Sailors don’t start voyages on Fridays, people freak out if it falls on the 13th, and it’s the name of a really annoying song.   1,635 more words


I feel...

I feel disgusting. I’ve just stood and looked at myself in a the mirror naked. I want to puke. I look awful. I scream desperation and self pity. 141 more words



A subject that I am not always eager to discuss, or even admit has deeply affected me personally, are eating disorders. If you were not already aware, this week happens to be National Eating Disorder Awareness Week. 224 more words

Eating disorder awareness week- day 4

The media doesn’t cause eating disorders but the diet industry can be dangerous.
Far too often I open up a magazine or switch on the TV and a diet commercial comes on. 158 more words

Risky Topic (Update)…

Hi friends! So today I’m going to skip the awkward intro’s, which I know what you’re thinking “thank the might god Zeus we don’t have to read another horrible intro”. 884 more words