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Quick Update

6 days.

6 days is currently the maximum amount of time I can go with eating out every meal in another country without going into panic mode. 494 more words

Ed Recovery

I want to scream - but I don't say a word.

today my tooth got pulled out. This ass***e of a doctor, seriously, he couldn’t even wait until the drugs kick in, until I don’t feel anything anymore… I was crying but the medicaments disabled me of talking and… I felt so weak. 286 more words


Blabbing Away

Sorry about the double post, but I’m trying to avoid reaching into my lunchbox and eat-I can’t think about it. I am so hungry right now, wishes I could eat, but not wanting to consume the calories. 150 more words


Why I don't eat Pop-Tarts and Ben & Jerry's

I don’t eat pop tarts and I don’t eat Ben and jerrys

Does that make me any less of a person?

I sure hope not. 559 more words


Study Claims Coffee Could Improve A Man's Sex Life

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – It seems coffee doesn’t just increase your energy levels.

A new study finds the morning drink could actually perk up sex for men. 83 more words


Day Two Fuck Up

Hello readers and good morning to those who live in North America! To the others, good afternoon/evening ;)

Now you can probably tell by the title that something shitty happened. 260 more words


First post! (Or, today I purchased two cookies, had a bite of each, and promptly threw them in the garbage.)

My therapist and RD suggested I start journaling earlier today so naturally I got high, binged, purged, and then started a blog instead. This is a pretty accurate representation of my how my life is going right now. 358 more words