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What is happening?

I am sitting in the café area on campus with, for once, little homework and studying to do. Feeling almost uneasy, I have not had a moment to sit and think without thoughts of a test lurking in the back of my mind. 760 more words

Nine years.

Nine years, that’s how long it’s been since I last threw up. Nobody likes being sick of course, but for someone with emetophobia it’s so much worse. 454 more words

'It happened so fast'

Today was Monday and almost a new month. I woke up with a desire to ‘start fresh’ and get my recovery rolling. I make a smoothie, feel like I ate too much, then the next thing I know, the smoothie has turned into a muffin, three pieces of toast, and two bowls of rice slathered in butter. 273 more words

Always pick Wendy's! 

As a child I was not introduced to healthy eating habits. I remember eating bread with fresh cream & Jam or toast & condensed milk for breakfast everyday. 889 more words

Removing the "Layers of Yuck"

Turning 30. Single. Broke. Eating Disorder. Chronic Depression. Need I go on? My life would seem to be wreck, an absolute mess. Would it puzzle you if I said I was actually hopeful? 726 more words


Grudge Match 2015.

The General Erection is fast approaching and by fast approaching, I mean arriving at the usual pace at which time passes which will be six weeks (I think). 1,015 more words