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Being grateful 

Do you know what is special about this picture? :)

I collected these small purple flowers when I was outside with my dog and it made me happy. 77 more words



Le projet WiKiuna, qui vise à diffuser par Wikipédia le savoir construit à Kiuna, permettant ainsi aux membres des Premières Nations de se reconnaitre dans cette encyclopédie à ciel ouvert, s’inscrit tout à fait dans le programme WID/ED.   49 more words


Starve the Monster

By: Melanie

Having an eating disorder is like being possessed. There is a voice in my head, so omnipresent, manipulative, domineering, and overpowering, that it’s taken years to even realize its existence. 291 more words

Anorexia Recovery

Ed-ercise vs. Exercise

When I started treatment, they were quick to put me on exercise restrictions. In the beginning, I didn’t listen. I couldn’t. I kept up with my age old routine because I couldn’t understand anything else. 549 more words


5 Things I Wish My Teenage Self Knew About Health

After reading this article by Carly on her blog about “3 Secrets to Eat Anything You Want,” I was inspired to write this to not only my teenage self, but to all the other women (and men) who have lied to themselves about how to be healthy. 1,247 more words

Why I write about my eating disorder and recovery

It’s been a few months since I posted last. Not just because life got busy but because I needed some time to think about where my blog was heading, where I wanted it to go. 285 more words

Let me introduce...

I’ll now do something I wanted to do for a while: a text to introduce myself. The girl behind this blog. Myself and not my illness. 410 more words