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50% of the World’s Wildlife Gone in Just 2 Human Generations

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Anyone accustomed to Openhand knows that our approach is to fearlessly embrace the truth, even if that makes us unpopular. 1,014 more words



Are you concerned about the environment? Do you care about it, but find yourself short on time to learn about important concepts and issues? If so, click to follow this blog on the left side of this post. 412 more words


Saskatoon class celebrates Earth Day with spin on Dr. Seuss classic

Watch above: Saskatoon school children marked Earth Day in a rather unique way Wednesday. Aaron Streck takes us to a performance of a play all about the environment. 365 more words


Biochemical and Geochemical Process in Ecosystems

There are four important biochemical cycles of ecosystems. There is the water cycle, the nitrogen cycle, the carbon cycle, and the phosphorus cycle. These cycles play such an important part in ecosystems that if one cycle just stopped, the life that ecosystem would die. 537 more words


Are there really 276 Bamboo species in Yunnan?

I visited Yunnan Province in southern China several times during the first years of this century, when I was helping the local authorities and the UNESCO National Committee of China with the nomination of the Stone Forest near Shilin as a natural World Heritage Area. 879 more words


Earth Heroes: James Balog Chasing Ice

International photographer James Balog’s Extreme Ice Survey (EIS) could be described as a watching a planetary train wreck through time-lapse photography – it is breathtaking, bizarrely beautiful, shocking and worrisome.  430 more words


In touch with Nature - The Kogi of Colombia

“There is no life without thought” – the Kogi

I recently bought my flight to Colombia as part of my trip to Ecuador this summer, I will be spending a little less than two months in South America visiting these two countries. 427 more words