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Explore a Tapestry of World Ecosystems

I came across this very interesting global ecosystem map:


“It is a mosaic of almost 4,000 unique ecological areas called Ecological Land Units (ELUs) based on four factors that are key in determining the makeup of ecosystems.” 75 more words


Sustainable design, construction and energy marketplace

Product innovation was the name of the game at ECOBUILD 2015 in London this year, from the 3rd to the 5th of March.

Setting up low carbon energy infrastructure to all is in everyone’s mind but this aim is clouded by doubts on which long term plan should be used to manage risks from our planet’s changing climate. 257 more words


Biomes of the World

In fourth grade, students begin to explore ecosystems in more depth. This link takes a closer look at the different types of biomes. It covers terrestrial and aquatic biomes along with their subtopics. 79 more words

A solution to illegal logging?

A really interesting TedTalk illustrating how illegal deforestation is something that should and can be stopped.

Click here


What the People of the Amazon know that you don't...

This is an excellent TedTalk, looking at the value embedded in the culture and biodiversity of Rainforests. An excellent resource to boost your research on Deforestation and the issue of finding a balance between development, resource exploitation and sustainability. Click here


Environment development and ecological rehabilitation in Kuwait

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Kuwait does its utmost to combat desertification – EPA

Kuwait News

Kuwait is leaving no stone unturned to overcome desertification that covers approximately 75 percent of this Gulf country’s territories, a senior environment official said here on Tuesday.  127 more words


Optimal stomatal behavior in the drylands

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A stoma (plural stomata) is a pore, found in the epidermis of leaves, stems and other organs that is used to control… 331 more words