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Your Relationship to Power

This is the most important relationship in your life. But unfortunately, for most of us, a relationship to which we have given little thought. For the best of reasons Рwe have been sternly instructed not to.  202 more words


Work Experience Taster Day

Alex Tomkins, University of Cambridge Museums Creative Apprentice, attended our recent Work Experience Taster Day. Here he shares his thoughts on the event.

“The Work Experience Taster Day was an informative and interesting day to teach about life within museums in an informal manner. 182 more words


Cheaper Foreign Oil Caps US Drilling Outlook

By Chris Tomlinson | Houston Chronicle | MRT.com

The shale oil revolutionaries are retreating in disarray, and cheap foreign oil may banish them to the margins of the market. 1,044 more words

Permian Basin

Change is Not A Seminar; It is Not a Weekend Retreat

People are cowards, disorganised, or are content as they are; any combination or all of these can be in effect. What we must remain aware of is that motivation is not a powerful blast of energy received from a mystical source; if we want to be educated, if we want change, if we want results, we do not work only on the end-goal – that is, of knowing what we are interested in – but of all the steps this entails: what we have to learn, how we learn it and, most importantly, how we can use it. 331 more words


AIIB: US allies pile into starting gate

As the deadline approaches for joining China’s Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank by March 31st, American allies appear to be flocking to sign up for membership. 217 more words


Mandatory jail sentences for 'white collar crime'... well, that'd be a start

How’s this from the SBP at the weekend?

A Labour TD has drafted a bill to impose mandatory jail sentences on white-collar criminals. Clare backbencher Michael McNamara is seeking to get the support of his colleagues at their parliamentary party meeting this week.

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You think you know where your AID money goes?

At least 20% of the aid money countries claim they are giving to developing countries never leaves, according to new research.

Researchers at the Bristol-based group  783 more words