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April 22: Climate Deniers Day

For a while now people who have paid attention (not just conservatives) have understood there is an underlying reason to the whole “Global warming”/”Climate Change” push.  1,680 more words

Social Warriors

Why We Should Stand With the Postman

~~@  My Thanks to awareandfare.com for making this information availableWhile we are on the subject, why not head over to the democracy club  1,474 more words


Obama: 'the fastest growing markets are going to be in Asia' - SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST APR. 18, 2015, 9:37 PM

US President Barack Obama defended his efforts to broaden commerce with Asia and Europe and warned that opposition would give China a leg up in setting the rules for international trade. 168 more words


The things we are afraid of...

The foreigners, especially when they don’t look like us, have no money to make us happy, and are desperately in need.

Atheism, as we feel alone and lost without religion, although religion does not explain why individuals, dehumanized by the social dominion, should adore such a God even more inhuman than they are. 458 more words

Bob's View

EU Requests Labels For Israeli Settler Goods

Israeli settler goods are unwanted in Europe.  https://euobserver.com/foreign/128367

Some goods may have been made on Palestinian land.  UK residents have trace genetics in Palestine.

However, Israel insists their expansion is not responsible for violence in the region.


Mahathir unleashes fury on Najib

Mahathir unleashes fury on Najib. Will it make any difference?

COMMENT: If former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad and current PM Najib Razak were to meet in a wrestling match, the latter would probably be tapping out for submission every five minutes. 481 more words


The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ April 19, 2015

What would you die for? This question came to mind after a meeting that was organized here last week. A representative body of our regional Judeo-Christian Community requested a meeting with Senator Schumer’s office to convey our sentiment regarding the rising tide of anti-Semitism, Christian persecution, kidnapping and slaughter, and the deterioration of our relationship with Israel. 632 more words