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Freak Economy

“Capital – what you get from saving money and investing it wisely – is an economy’s real muscle. EZ credit – what the quacks pump into flabby tissue to try to make things look more fetching – is what has turned the economy into such a freak.” -Bill Bonner


It'll never be the right time to scrap Trident

I wonder how many trees we have used up in our campaigns over the years writing letters to decision makers?!

But letters, and now social media, play an important part of the democratic process and maintaining pressure on long standing issues such as nuclear weapons. 777 more words


US economy isn't growing fast enough

NEW YORK — Here’s one matter that Democratic and Republican economists agree on: America’s economy could be doing a lot better.

“The good news is we’re growing, we’re creating jobs, property values are rising. 453 more words


Corporate Tax: 35%

Big differences divide Democrats, GOP on overhauling U.S. tax code – LA Times.

I just received an e-mail from a friend complaining that businesses don’t pay enough taxes, drives me crazy. 179 more words