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Maddox: The "Wage" Gap Is A Myth

“A study commissioned by the U.S. Department of Labor found that when all relevant variables are accounted for, the pay gap shrinks to about 93 to 95%. 131 more words


New eager to replace old on Japanese Fast Food Market

Foreign fast-food and casual diner companies are ready to take a bite out of Japan’s food market, in spite of the countries hampering economy, tax hikes and reports about major players like McDonald’s struggling. 414 more words


Polite suggestion for Bjorn Lomborg and Tony Abbott

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has announced that Australian taxpayers are now going to finance attempts to disprove the need to decarbonise our global power generation systems as fast as possible (see… 346 more words


Four Cost Cutting Rules of Closing Restaurants

In managerial economics, you’re taught to think outside the box for a lot of business situations. Closing is one of the most stressful aspects of business. 1,765 more words


NCTM Presentation: Integrating Authentic Economics Applications into the Math Classroom

These are the resources that will be presented on Saturday at 11:00 (room 108 in BCEC).

Handout: Economic Applications NCTM

Slides: NCTM economic applications

Extra Resources: 6 more words


Complaints about air travel are the cries of a dying middle class

Summary: The airline industry is a tale of New America. Deregulation, cheap fares allowing more people to travel but with increasingly poor service and rising complaints. 1,040 more words