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Why isn't Robles the left-handed specialist?

In yesterday’s post, I made reference to Terry Collins‘ maddening habit of treating Alex Torres as a left-handed specialist against all better evidence. In 17 of Torres’ 33 appearances, he’s faced three batters or fewer; those numbers are similar to bridge man… 319 more words


The Greece crisis shows Europe's 1% winning, just like their cousins in America

Summary: Previous posts reported economists’ explainging the roots of the Greek crisis, so unlike the simple morality play in the newspapers. This post looks at its politics, a narrative of victory by Europe’s 1%, a milestone on their 2 centuries long quest to destroy the Left. 1,235 more words


I'm Not Making This Up, You Know

The Governor of Pennsylvania has vetoed a bill to end the state’s monopoly on liquor stores. He says that competition would raise prices.

He’s a Democrat.


One pitcher and two guys on the disabled list

This season, the Mets have been fighting against a pernicious series of injuries, mainly focused on the offense. Although we lost Jenrry Mejia, Zack Wheeler… 376 more words


Top Ten Bad Assumptions: 9 – People making more cause other people to make less.

Alternate Assumption: People making more cause other people to also make more.

Income inequality is one of the hottest political issues in America today.  People don’t think it is fair that some people make substantially more money than other people.   614 more words


Death by Taxes Series

There is now an available e-book (epub) of the Death by Taxes series. It can be downloaded for free by clicking the image or by clicking… 30 more words


What It Means to be an American with Help from Robert F. Kennedy, University of Kansas 1968

Timeless words about values and what it is to be American – worth a read on the eve of our Nation’s 239th birthday…

“Too much and for too long, we seemed to have surrendered personal excellence and community values in the mere accumulation of material things. 

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