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AM & PM @Rue Oudinot, Paris

Visiting Paris and not living in a Parisian home is like going to a birthday party without eating the cake!

We simply loved this nice, spacious and comfortable apartment in the 7th arrondissement which was our home… 10 more words

Not Amsterdam

Cavalerie wing Ecole Militaire

Here you can see a pavilion on the Ecole Militaire which is part of the Cavalry Wing of the building in Paris.

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Eiffel and Ecole Militaire

Taken of the back of the Ecole Militaire you can see the military academy as well as the famous Eiffel Tower in the near distance. 13 more words


Wall for Peace in front of the Ecole Militaire

Taken from the Champ de Mars you can see the Wall for Peace sitting in front of the Ecole Militaire in the background.

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Ecole Militaire And Eiffel Tower

The Ecole Miliaire can be found close to the famous Eiffel Tower, with this shot showing both the monument and building together, viewed from the Avenue de Lowendal. 11 more words


Old training ground of the Ecole Militaire

In this photo you can see the Champ de Mars gardens which used to be the old military training ground for the Ecole Militaire which sits at the end. 14 more words