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Sweet, Sweet Pinterest

Pinterest is an amazing thing. You can go onto Pinterest and look up almost anything that you are interested in. Then you can pin and/or like something. 53 more words


The Amazing Feedly

Have you ever heard of Feedly? It is an amazing website. You can go on there and find really cool and interesting blogs. I have found really neat blogs to follow, like… 50 more words


There's an App for That!

Photo credit:  Sean MacEntee via Flickr cc

I’ve recently been trying to plan for internship and figuring out ways in which I can integrate technology.  I love the idea of using iPads – even if the school does not supply iPads for students.   268 more words


Technological Meta Reflection - In the Middle of Things

As I sit here trying to think of something to write for a blog post I thought to myself what should it be about? Well I have been sitting here writing, deleting, writing and then deleting again.   801 more words


GenerationSext: I Want A Revolution

This past week I chose to watch and respond to the two documentaries recommended, Sext Up Kids and The Sextortion of Amanda Todd. I expected a response to flow immediately, however, what I watched and learned from both left me utterly speechless. 593 more words


The Stars in your Hands - Technology for Astronomers

Here is a list of 15 top Astronomy Apps for iPhone/iPad users:

Each astronomy application has its own different uses which I have played around with.   94 more words


The Darkside - Digital Citizenship and Why You Should Be Aware of what You're Doing Online.

We have been discussing Digital Citizenship in my ECMP355 class for a couple weeks now, and it has really opened my eyes on what I am doing with my online presence. 531 more words