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#Hashtags #SocialJustice #thegood #thebad and #theugly

This week we focused on social justice and social media.  Before entering into the Education program I didn’t really follow this topic at all.  Some would say I was consumed in my “white privilege” and didn’t really care about social justice.   467 more words

ECMP 355

Adventures in ECMP 355 2.0

Tenille and I worked together on our digital story. We had a lot of fun creating it, we used iMovie and Touchcast. At times we wanted to punch the computer but I think it turned out pretty well! 16 more words


Reflecting on Discussion - Social Justice

Our discussion surrounding social justice left me feeling frustrated. We covered race, gender, financial, political and even sports related issues – but not once did we mention the marginalization of those with exceptionalities. 464 more words


Hashtag For Change

The past year, there hasn’t been a current event that didn’t have it’s own hashtag you felt obliged to take part in because it was EVERYWHERE. 502 more words


Social Awareness - Lessons from YouTube

I came across the YouTube channel SoulPancake a number of years ago through a news article on my Twitter feed. It pulled up a video in a series called “My Last Days”, and chronicled the story of a young man named Zach Sobiech who was battling terminal cancer. 570 more words


Educating for Acceptance - Concerns of an Intern

This post came to light after the announcement of the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling to make same-sex marriage a right nationwide. Along with droves of other individuals across social media, I celebrated as an ally for my family, friends and colleagues down south who would not be able to celebrate their love freely. 455 more words


Coding: This Old Dog Can't Learn This New Trick

It is clear coding is taking over the classroom. As students become more obsessed with games that require this skill, it is becoming apparent I likely should pick it up as well. 180 more words