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Yes, we have no bananas

Nobody’s perfect. That includes ministers of the local ecclesial communities and Catholic parishes. Some folks would have us believe that it is intolerable for any cleric ever to sin, and that those ministers who habitually do wrong prove that Christianity (or at least “institutional religions”) are false or fraudulent. 220 more words


Beginning our Ecclesiology with the Self-Revealed Character of God

Beginning our Ecclesiology with the Self-Revealed Character of God – A sermon preached by John Snyder at the 2014 G3 Conference.


Pilgrim's Progress Study Guide 4

Study Guide 4: Christian at Palace Beautiful

Watchful & Discretion: Examination

  1. As Christian becomes discouraged by the lions he lifts up his eyes: what does he see before him?
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Biblical Counseling

Best Practices for Ministry

That’s the name of the “free conference” taking place this week in Phoenix. It’s called “free” because there’s no registration fee. In addition, no honoraria or expenses are paid to the speakers and presenters, who serve for free. 352 more words


Newman QOTD

Here is an intriguing remark from Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman’s work An Essay in aid of a Grammar of Assent:

[I]f it is the duty of the Church to act as “the pillar and ground of the Truth,” …

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Ecclesiology Homework 2/23-2/27

Read Chapter 4 and answer the study questions in the link below. Learn the following vocabulary:  Deposit of Faith, Diocesan Council, Eastern Catholic Churches, Ecumenical Council, Episcopacy, Evangelization, Ex Cathedra, Extraordinary Magisterium, Infallibility, In Personal Christi, Magisterium, Obedience of Faith, Ordinary Magisterium, Parish, Plenary Council, Presbyterate, Priest, Religious Assent, Sacrament of Salvation.   6 more words


The Tension of Tithing

There are few topics a minister can choose to speak on which will cause sour feelings quite like giving. No doubt, this is due to the overwhelming number of examples of abuses in churches through the decades. 2,545 more words

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by Jason Rodenbeck Below is a piece inspired by a friend of mine who preached a message on this topic this Sunday.  Caused me to think pretty hard, actually! Enjoy!