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Baking with the Best Friend

In honor of my trip back home to Cincinnati in two weeks, I am posting this beautiful scone that I made with my best friend, Morgan Litmer! 133 more words


Alleyway Day: Good Things on Small Streets

Sometimes I make reservations at restaurants I think I’ll like WAYYYYYY in advance so I have surprise plans. So a couple weekends ago I got a notification from Open Table – I had a reservation for brunch at… 375 more words

New York City

Spicy Thai Noodles

I found the easiest, most delicious recipe for spicy Thai noodles so I thought I’d share the wealth. It’s getting hot (summer is officially here!) and I was craving something light and refreshing. 70 more words

Ghirardelli Brownie Pecan Parfait

I am about to share one of my most favorite desserts to make when I attend a get-together. It’s a little time-consuming but absolutely perfect. Trust me, like seriously, this is some good stuff. 524 more words


I'm Already Apologizing (this is probably a bad sign)

I figured if one third of this blog is supposed to be devoted to food, I should tell you what to expect.

I really want to post a bunch of adorable pinterest-y recipes with a ton of pictures in my perfectly remodeled kitchen. 99 more words


Frog Legs

We did it. We ate frog legs.

I realize the much of the rest of the world eats frog legs and has for a long time. 498 more words


greeeeeen smoothie

I’ve been pretty off my *blogging game* game this week (not that any of my single-digit # of followers have noticed ;))) but that’s because I’ve been a little busy beach-bumming, sun tanning, pina colada sipping, and fish taco devouring with my boyfriend and his family for the last 10 days! 186 more words