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Binge Eating Disorder

DSM 5 has expanded our notion of eating pathology to include a diagnosis of binge-eating, a behavior that almost all of us have experienced from time to time, but as with all of mental health, when the symptom is both intense and frequent, then a diagnosis is made. 300 more words



This past weekend, I spend my weekend in Florence, visiting my friend JT. I have been to Italy before and Florence was by far my favorite city. 613 more words

Study Abroad


Sometimes I find myself forgetting to eat. I do this mostly because of my Adderol. I can go all day with only eating one meal. I can imagine many of you thinking, ” I wish!” but it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. 326 more words


Round 2!

First day back in the gym today after a good rest and recovering from the weekend. Bamburgh was really fantastic but we are both ready to get going with the 10k Beach Assault in a few weeks time. 35 more words

How to change bad health habits

Changing bad health habits comes about in the same way that changing any habit does. Habits form when our bodies begin to expect certain responses to certain actions – it is not a conscious response, rather your body has become so used to it that it begins to perform certain actions or expect certain things without you ever realising. 360 more words


My Kid Wednesday....

After a long day at work.My Kid decided to play in my room. What better comfort food than having Breakfast for Supper.

Cheese Bagel with Scrambled Ham, Cheese and Eggs. YUM!!!

til next time….Enjoy :)

Playing With Your Food

A mouthful of paan

Have you ever had a Paan? Typically it is made from the Betel leaf with all sorts of pastes and mouth fresheners slathered in. While it is common to have Betel nuts & tobacco in the stuffing (making it carcinogenic), one gets safer and tastier versions too. 215 more words

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