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Why Weight Training is Important To Me

A lot of people feel when they are young they can climb mountains, hike to far away places, and swim the ocean tides. When you feel nothing can go wrong. 369 more words


Walking the Walk

Preaching, meet practicing. I preach to myself and others about the hazards of carbohydrates and sugar consumption. I fully intend to live exactly like I advise that you live. 374 more words


VIDEO: Balanced Diet for Health and Fitness

The 5 step framework of balanced diet is CARBOHYDRATES, PROTEINS, VEGETABLES, FRUITS AND FATS.
It is very funny to say. Some of us consume more of one or the other just because, we all have our favorites. 38 more words


The importance of a healthy mommy......

I was thinking this morning about how I haven’t posted in a little while.

Then I was thinking about how I started this as a mommy blog and that maybe I should start a different blog about my weightloss journey, but I decided against it. 808 more words

Simple Rule of Life 

Keep it Simple – Eat Well, Look Good, Feel Great 😊💖 #merakiwellbeing

Eating Right

Fad Diets 

FAD diets can Change your Weight – for a while
Eating Right, Working Out & Thinking Well can Change your Body – FOREVER #merakiwellbeing

Eating Right

Straighten Up and Fly Right

Diet Plan Discipline

It is very Important to maintain the Proper Diet‬ Planned to go with your Fitness‬ Training‬ Program if you want to Gain Maximum Results.

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