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Eating Healthy (...or at Least Slightly More So)

I’ve never been the poster-child for healthy eating. I enjoy my desserts, the occasional candies, etc. Those things were created to be enjoyed, and I simply cannot get behind the idea that my food needs to be a source of bleak sadness in my life. 657 more words

Insomnia-induced Writing

A few weeks ago I endured one of the worst cases of insomnia I have ever experienced. What follows is the writing of a sleep-weary individual. 445 more words

My Whole Foods Story

Now you know a little more of my journey and can see where I fell down the rabbit hole. One thing researching all these different nutritional options has taught me is that YOU HAVE TO EAT FOR YOU. 292 more words


Eating the right stuff to be motivated !! more lifestyle changes

Never really thought my diet was overly bad, but after introducing the nutri ninja “blender” and cutting back on meat I seem to be hitting highs in happiness again. 426 more words

Eating Habits


Oh how I wish would be that easy!!


Hitting a Brick Wall?

Browsing the internet yesterday, I found that the staff over at msn.com had shared some reasons why my weight loss might have slowed. They were writing this for me, right? 1,031 more words

USDA Approves the First Non-Browning Genetically Modified Apple

On Friday, the government approved the first genetically modified apple for commercial planting. The Arctic apples, as they’re called, are part of a growing list of GMO fresh produce to be approved (the list also includes papaya and sweet corn). 415 more words

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