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Eating in Season

Did you know that foods grow in seasons? Eating in season is important for both you and the environment. When you buy in season, you’re buying food at the peak of it’s freshness. 106 more words


Humble superfoods

I’m a great believer in eating locally and seasonally but let’s face it, if we followed that rule 100% whilst living in the UK in winter we would be deprived of foods such as avocados, raw cacao, and bananas, and life would be very dull indeed!! 1,007 more words

Healthy Eating

Pumpkin cranberry scones

Pumpkin cranberry scones with orange zest icing made with self-rising flour and pumpkin pie filling are easy to make and have all the right flavors of fall. 536 more words

Eating In Season

Flavors of the season

One of the things having a child has taught me is how to appreciate fresh food that is in season. Especially as fall and winter hit, it was easy to get in the habit of not eating as healthfully before we had a child. 180 more words

Here's to you Grandpa!

You introduced me to Quinoa, pronounced (Keen-wah), when no one knew anything about it. You taught us how beneficial it was for one’s health and encouraged us to integrate it into our food regimen, which we did. 554 more words

Healthy Eating

RECIPE: Pumpkin Hummus - 'Tis the Season!

I love pumpkin. I am absolutely one of those annoying individuals, who once the leaves start to turn color in September, you can guarantee, any recipe they are talking about contains pumpkin. 449 more words


Homemade tomato soup

This creamy homemade tomato soup made with no dairy and just a few ingredients has a great “mouth feel.” You’ll never want to open another can of tomato soup again. 778 more words

Eating In Season