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Chapter 1

Im in fifth grade. My sister is in 9th grade. Shes dating a boy named Billy. Hes the worst. My parents dont like him. He smokes weed and cigarettes and has been invloved with our small town police a few times. 481 more words

Red Hot

“go away. Go away. Go away. Go away go away. Go away”

“Fuck off. I hate you. Fuck off. I hate you”

“Mind your own damn business. 574 more words

Dearly Loved

These last couple weeks I became entrapped by a relapse. It felt like there would be no relief and no escape. I did not think I would be able to overcome it. 2,402 more words


Progress: that’s what I’ve made. Insight: that’s what I’ve gained. Self discovery: that’s what I must do. Self worth: that’s what I must develop.

Today I met with Meg for the only time this week. 389 more words

I have an Eating Disorder

There you go….I’ve said it.  I’m 41, a mother, a sister, a daughter, a wife, a friend and a company director and for 27 years I have had an Eating Disorder.   883 more words

Binge Eating

Whoever I Was Before - Lost in Recovery

How many food exchanges does this count for? Is this one carbohydrate or two? Am I eating too many of my safe foods? How many times can I use eating disorder behavior and have it be a “slip up” and not a relapse? 714 more words


Just a Few More Pounds

Maria laid on the floor doing her nightly workout.

Fifty crunches, thirty push-ups, fifteen burpees, one hundred jumping jacks, thirty mountain climbers, two sets of twenty second planks. 687 more words

Short Story