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Day Two Fuck Up

Hello readers and good morning to those who live in North America! To the others, good afternoon/evening ;)

Now you can probably tell by the title that something shitty happened. 260 more words


The worst case scenario for women suffering from eating disorders

Rachael Farrokh’s eating disorder started off slow, she said, and was partially tied to her drive for success and perfection as a sales executive for a major office imaging and printing company. 655 more words

22nd May (catch up) 


I’ve been so busy with revision and things at the minute, family life has been hectic and things just seem to be happening so quickly. 166 more words

Eating Disorder


I know I haven’t posted on here in a long time. I have a few posts lined up and I will post them after exams. I just thought I would share this that I posted on Facebook… 351 more words

You know when you shouldn't do it, but you do anyways?

I guess this will be my first post where I am writing during one of my low times.

I feel like we all do things that we know we shouldn’t. 639 more words


Two week win

I have not purged in 15 days. I can’t quite believe I did it. Go me.

Blog Posts

First post! (Or, today I purchased two cookies, had a bite of each, and promptly threw them in the garbage.)

My therapist and RD suggested I start journaling earlier today so naturally I got high, binged, purged, and then started a blog instead. This is a pretty accurate representation of my how my life is going right now. 358 more words