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A misstep

I am sad, disappointed in myself, annoyed, frustrated… I took a step back today, or more like a step off of the road I was on. 253 more words

Eating Disorder

Darkness... Quite literally

So yesterday I blacked out. It happened so quickly. I got up too fast; it happens a lot. But I fell to the floor and I lost consciousness for a few seconds. 119 more words

Eating Disorder

What does EDNOS stand for and what is it?

EDNOS stands for Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified

As eating disorders are very complex, there are often variations in the signs and symptoms and often not all signs and symptoms apply to all people. 17 more words

Ask It

I can do this

I just ate a serving of pad thai. I need to remind myself: this is a normal amount of food. There were vegetables and eggs and peanut sauce for protein. 194 more words



they say it takes 21 days to create a habit.  I politely disagree.

it has taken me months to create some semblance of a habit, but what… 751 more words

Binge Eating Disorder

A Life Free of ED: Reasons to Recover

Recovery is hard? Yes.
You’re not really sure if you want to recover? Yes.
You don’t want to gain weight?
But it will all be worth it in the end? 724 more words

Addiction is a jail - I choose life

At the age of 24 I found myself lost and alone without the will to live. Life as I was experiencing it felt utterly pointless and meaningless. 502 more words