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Chilling and having good food

Hi guys!

As you can see on title, that’s exactly what I’m doing tonight: Chilling and having good food! Sometimes I think: It’s weekend! I want enjoy and have what I really like! 45 more words


Consistency, that is what I am striving for.

With Wednesday’s little health hiccup, I am reminded again that I have Fibromyalgia. Doesn’t matter what I think about this “condition”, there are real symptoms and real consequences to not being consistent in my health practices. 493 more words


Healthy eats on a volcano

Yes, you read that correctly! I’m visiting Malta at the moment and hopped on a ferry to Sicily for a day.

Mt. Etna is a pretty amazing place. 107 more words

Food And Nutrition

Venetian Cauliflower

In her book , Mary Oliver wrote about the peculiar life force that we call habit, and how it gives shape to our inner lives, “In the shapeliness of a life, habit plays its sovereign role… The hours are appointed and named… Life’s fretfulness is transcended. 461 more words


Too much going on? Tacos will ease the stress

Lately, I have been struggling with eating clean. Maybe it’s the weather or the mindset that the semester is more than halfway over with, but… 656 more words


Chocolate Berry Trail Mix Bars

Looking for something to snack on that will help crave a little sweet tooth but help slip in some dried fruit and whole grains — look no further! 119 more words

Clean Eating

Oh! Spaghetti squash and slow cooker meat for lunch!

Hi Guys!

I don’t know how to explain that love with spaghetti squash! So, today for lunch I had slow cooker meat with carrots and sweet potato + spaghetti squash. 136 more words