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Clean Eating Grocery List

Hello Everyone! Since I thought some of you might need some guidance with your grocery list for eating clean, here goes… :)

  • Fruits

Some fruits you can buy and alternate between are: apples, bananas, pears, melons of all kinds, berries of all kinds, grapes (not the green kind, of course). 270 more words

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Healthy Truffles for Canada Day

Hi Guys!

Today is Canada Day! And I’m celebrating it. I did the treat I loooove and I always forget to take a pic. That time I did it before I finish eat all of them! 224 more words

Can't Break Through a Binge Eating Cycle? Here's how...

Hello everyone! I can’t believe its already July. Time flies… :) Today we are going to be discussing about binge eating and what steps you can take to break through this cycle. 587 more words

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Have a Sweet Tooth?

Hello readers! I was thinking about what I wanted to write about today. It suddenly struck me that I hadn’t spoken about desserts all this while! 323 more words

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Goddess Living: Ostara's Weight Loss Journey

Hi there, folks!

I want to share with you a little peek into my weight loss journey. I am really motivated to become healthier, fit and change my diet and lifestyle. 272 more words


Day 1

Just as an aside before I start on today’s topic, in WordPress edit mode {where I am right now} the tech gremlins have made the top of the page a rainbow. 229 more words