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Crème Fraîche Cake

Crème fraîche is great stuff for baking. Luxurious, a little tangy, and what’s more, it’s got a lovely long shelf life! When I went on my slightly wild Waitrose shopping spree, I picked up a tub with no idea what on earth I was going to do with it when I got home. 437 more words

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Tubby strikes again

So the last few days I’ve felt like an eating machine. After I ran my 10k, I just became lazy and sooo hungry. I guess not hungry just could.not.stop.eating. 102 more words

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Some South Beach Eats

Yes! I’m staying on South Beach for the first stint of my Miami stay. On an island. Surrounded by palm trees (some that drop coconuts, quite the surprise for a deciduous tree-lover like me) and about a zillion feral cats who populate the beach. 345 more words

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Chocolate, Cream and Raspberry Cake


Still obsessed with baking sponge cakes. I can’t seem to stop, they are just so good, so addictive, and so easy. Chocolate this time, lavishly filled with Jersey double cream and raspberries. 555 more words

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Nepali Customs

This blog post was originally written for Open World Cause at this link: http://openworldcause.com/nepali-customs-and-etiquette/

I encourage you to read the other posts and check out our Open World site. 559 more words


Long Pig

By land and by sea they come for me
Holding spears of misery
Jabbed and pierced evenly
Rushed towards the boiling cauldron
With no hope do I but fall in… 169 more words


Jam and Clotted Cream Cake

It’s a simple combination but oh it’s a good one. Jam and cream, yum yum yum. Jam and clotted cream? Oh be still my beating heart! 251 more words

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