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garden snow peas

Watching my snow peas grow under their lattices…



Bluejacket's Brussels Sprouts Salad

I hated brussels sprouts as a kid. Well, I think I would have hated them…which is why I always refused to try them. But then, a few years ago I had roasted brussels sprouts at a restaurant and I was an instant convert. 335 more words

Eat Me

Dining and wining highlights from Bangkok – Part 2

Part 1 of Bangkok’s highlights was a bit of a departure from the usual focus of this blog in that it featured cocktails. In Part 2, it’s back to wines (save one fantastic cocktail I had as an aperitif that I thought was worthy of mentioning here). 1,431 more words

Food And Wine Pairing

Peaches N Cream

So it seems like an appropriate time to pay tribute to my man Snoop Dogg and his refined culinary tastes, and what better way to do this than to make my very own peaches n cream. 545 more words


Homemade HobNobs

My current first world problem woes:

  1. I choked on a fly that flew/blew into my mouth as I was running. I then inadvertently swallowed it. Gross.
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Eat Me

fighting with swords that are made from balloons

Me: They’re just words he’s using… not knives

Friend: … yeah but, words hurt too though.

Me: No. not more than getting stabbed, does. We need to be realistic here.

Pocket Party Alice no País das Maravilhas - Por Silvia Reis Eventos

Olá mamães festeiras, vou inaugurar nosso blog com inspirações para um linda festa com o tema Alice no País das Maravilhas (“Alice in Wonderland” 268 more words