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Photos and Life's Loves: Stress Busting Edition


Lots of rain in these parts! Lots of books, lots of polishing of final term papers, humidity, smoothies, spring rains. Fortunately, i love all of the above so I’m more than content. 772 more words

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Lemon, Almond and Pistachio Loaf Cakes

Sometimes baking is all the better for a close connection with nature. I remember several years ago, cycling to a nearby farm from my parents’ house to buy duck eggs, then collecting primroses out in the woods to be painted and sugared at home. 297 more words

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Almond Slices

An almond slice looks an old-fashioned sort of treat. Perfect with an old-fashioned sort of cake stand.

I’ve been catching up with Poldark, and racing through the first five books on my Kindle. 356 more words

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Eggs for Breakfast…at Work

I am NOT a morning person in any respects. I’m not even hungry right when I wake up, which is one of the reasons I… 511 more words

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How the "Inspiring" Good Fatty Hurts the Body Positive Movement

CNN, The Talk, Huffington Post and many other valuable media outlets have finally caught on to how “inspiring” a plus size body can be in the spotlight. 1,702 more words


Rachel in Veganland reblogged this on Rachel in Veganland and commented:

" In “body positive” campaigns promoted by advertisers, we are inspired to believe that it is OK to accept any womyn’s body, as long as it is feminine, healthy, and still adheres to most of our standard beauty conventions. While watching an advertisement for soap, we are given a look into a stranger’s medicine cabinet. " I very rarely "reblog" things here on Veganland, but this is just too great not to share. I've always been wary of advertising campaigns such as the Dove Real Beauty schtick. (My undergraduate Women's Studies 101 professor pointed out that the company is owned by the same folks as Axe Body Spray which really put me in perspective.) This article is beautifully written, provides great additional links and successfully problematizes the fetishization of the curvy body, one that is still idealized and only of a certain physical, racial, and "healthy" type. This fits in perfectly with my series "The (Vegan) Body."

Viennese Whirls

I love the weather right now. It’s sunny, and glorious. I may be pretty sleep-deprived, but the sun seems to make up for all of work’s ills. 537 more words

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