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If You "Treat," You're Less Likely To "Cheat"

Treat vs Cheat

A lot of people refer to a weekly “free meal” as a “cheat meal.”  I never liked that term.  I think it is misleading in meaning.  731 more words

Healthy Living

Tis' the Season to be Healthy

So I’ve finally decided to get into shape. It’s summer time and everyone who is anyone is doing it (not that I care, just saying it because it’s true. 423 more words


long weekend here i come!

I am so thankful the weekend is finally here!! I do not have to work on Monday and can actually just relax!

Today’s agenda is grocery shopping day and I will be on the hunt for some new workout shoes because my hole in my shoes is just becoming a problem!! 480 more words

Weight Loss

The Ban Van

If you have read any of my personal blogs you know I am one of those who sings praises of Self Actualization and breaking out of society norms. 393 more words

Make a Grocery List to Lose Weight & Cut Costs

When I go to the grocery store without a list, I start grabbing things like cookies, ice cream and ready-made dinners; because, I simply don’t know what to get. 623 more words



I am fully aware that I have completely neglected this blog for far too long recently and my only reason is A-Levels. And maybe a bit of laziness. 711 more words

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