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Canh Chua (Countryside Sweet and Sour Soup)

In last week’s Eat post, we made ca kho to or catfish braised in a clay pot.  This week we will explore a companion dish called canh chua ca.   649 more words


Mamma Mia, it's a Pizza!

Homemade pizza is one of my all time favorites. Not only is it delicious, but it’s (relatively) healthy and fun too! We make our own dough in the morning, and let it rise throughout the day! 54 more words


Last Bar - East Railay

Let me tell you, on the pics bellow is what you see is what you get…!

The Last Bar is as his name, the last bar before the rocks… 83 more words


試試精釀啤酒! Craft Beer Tasting

從一個小朋友成長成為一個成年人,要學的實在是太多了。先是紅酒,近年還流行咖啡,最近我發現原來茶也有很大的學問… 其實一樣一樣的學也是好玩的,但在我成長到懂得欣賞紅酒這種高級貴價品之前,近年我喜歡上了比較易入門 (也比較便宜) 的 craft beer (手工精釀啤酒)。


第一次接觸craft beer是因為工作的原故,連味蕾非常弱的我都能嚐得出不同的味道,好像比起紅酒更容易掌握和形容呢。Craft Beer 基本上是比較講究的啤酒,大多是黑啤。黑啤的意思就是以麥釀成的味較為濃的啤酒,比起平常清淡的啤酒會加入更多香草、果仁等其他材料釀製,味道比較明顯也有更多變化。再來就是水果類的 cider。

以下介紹幾款我個人喜歡的 craft beer。先是我最最最喜歡的 Rouge 品牌的 Hazelnut Brown Nectar,以黑啤來說是不算苦,而且有很明顯的烤榛子味道。(第一次喝這個的時候,賣啤酒的人跟瓶子上這個叔叔長的一模一樣哈哈)


接下來是我覺得很有趣的 日本抹茶啤酒,淡淡的又有抹茶味。以我不太多的經驗,日本的craft beer似乎很重視香味,曾經喝過散發著crabtree hand cream (潤手霜)氣味的日本啤酒呢。 17 more words


A Delicious Quick Snack!

As a college student, it is definitely easy to fall into habits of eating Top Ramen and Oreos for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I have realized over this past year that healthy eating needs to be a priority- and it can be fun… 37 more words


The Nightjar - underground hideaway

Except from a bunch of people standing in line in the middle of the street, there are no obvious signs that one of London’s coolest bars are only a few meters away from us. 151 more words


5 Deadly Foods You Just Can't Resist! +Some Quotes

If we’re not willing to settle for junk living, we certainly shouldn’t settle for junk food. -Sally Edwards

Nothing would be more tiresome than eating and drinking if God had not made them a pleasure as well as a necessity.  610 more words