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Bánh patê sô (Vietnamese Meat Pastry)

 Another snack I really enjoyed as a child was bánh patê sô.  Bánh patê sô is a Vietnamese savory puff pastry that is likely derived from the French colonization.   527 more words


My Bakery Lane

Situated on Ann Street, My Bakery Lane is the newest addition to the ever growing lane ways of Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley. Playing host to only a few stores at the moment, including the ever so popular I <3 Brownie store, My Bakery Lane will only get busier. 136 more words


Searock Grill

 5 Macquarie St, Sydney NSW 2000

I don’t think it would be our last time here. We had dinner here after the movies and I must say that our time spent, was made exceptional by the waitstaff who was entertaining us. 160 more words


What the Truck?

It’s the dawn of a new era, well, at least in Gurgaon it is. The food-truck wars have begun. The race for location, food, and promotion is at an all time high. 907 more words


Burger Singh

I am in a real dilemma about Burger Singh. It’s got me half way between liking it and not liking it with some positives in the presentation and flavour area, but also some major negatives in the overall taste department. 740 more words


Cheap eats: Cherries done four ways

10 fresh large cherries

3 table spoons of caster sugar

2 cups of water

1 small ramekin of vodka (are any unflavoured alcohol over 40%) 302 more words


Mì Quảng / Quảng Nam Style Noodles for the summer

Vietnam is famous for its noodles soups: pho, bun and many others.  When it is hot, it is hard to work up an appetite to eat a steaming bowl of noodle soup.   891 more words